Emma Maltby

A.B. English Language and Literature + Theater and Performance Studies

The Classes

In my experience in the humanities departments, we were lucky to have small class sizes, engaged professors, and communities within the departments, while at the same time having all the resources of a major research institution. In both my majors, I felt comfortable going to the department offices to meet with professors, who were true leaders in their fields, and I would always leave a discussion section chatting with my classmates about the topics and ideas we had been discussing in class.

The Students

UChicago is a place where nothing goes unchallenged or unquestioned. The students at UChicago are rigorously intellectually curious and excited about whatever they are learning. If you are someone who gets to class excited to chat about the reading, engage in dialogue with your peers and professors, and challenge your own perspective and ideas, UChicago is the place for you.

The Life

Although it proudly sports the unofficial catchphrase “Where Fun Comes to Die,” UChicago has a vibrant student life and social scene. Much of the social life at UChicago is centered around Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) and apartment life. Many students live in apartments near campus after first and second year, and they allow for a wide variety of social scenes, from typical college parties, to Dungeons and Dragons nights, to dinner parties, to full blown concerts with on-campus bands.

The Location

While every college tour manages to squeeze in some way to compare their school to Harry Potter, UChicago’s campus is literally modeled after Oxford, from the gothic arches and the vaulted ceilings to the quadrangle. UChicago also has a great balance in terms of its location. Its Hyde Park neighborhood has a college town vibe while being within a short trip away from Downtown Chicago. Don’t forget: what makes you unique is what will make you fit in at UChicago. Interested in learning more about UChicago? Check out Emma’s video on our YouTube channel.