Interested in graduate programmes in the US?

Thinking about applying to graduate school in the US? A-List can help!

Whether you are interested in business, STEM, humanities, or social sciences, the US is home to many top graduate programmes. Here are a few frequently asked questions to get you thinking about your application options.

  • How long are graduate programmes in the US? Programmes vary in length from 1 year for some master’s programs to 5+ years for a PhD.
  • Are graduate programmes funded? Most commonly, PhD programmes are funded and will involve a teaching and/or research commitment in exchange for funding. Depending on your field, there may also be opportunities for funding as the master’s level as well.
  • Can I start graduate school immediately after completing my undergraduate degree? It depends on the type of programme to which you are applying. Many graduate admissions committees value applicants’ work experience. Some even require it! At the other end of the spectrum, there are also programmes designed specifically for recent university graduates.
  • What standardised tests do I need to take?Some programmes are test optional, but the most commonly required test is the GRE. Traditionally, the GMAT is the preferred test for business programmes and the LSAT is customary for admission to law schools. However, many business and law programmes have begun to accept the GRE as well. The MCAT is the standard test for admission to medical school in the US.


Have more questions for about graduate study in the US? Schedule a consultation with one of our expert advisors today. We provide customised guidance at all phases of the process including:

  • Pre-application planning
  • Program selection
  • Identifying and reaching out to faculty
  • Statements of purpose
  • Research statements
  • Application essays
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Application completion
  • Interview and campus visit preparation

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