Is your child dreaming of attending university in the US?

Many British students dream of studying at a university in the US. The admissions process for being accepted into US universities is considerably different to the requirements of British universities. While grades are important, there are numerous other factors that are considered before being accepted: letters of recommendation, a personal statement, and a high score on the SAT. But what is the SAT?

ACT Tutoring in London

What is the SAT and does your child need to take it?

The ACT is a standardised, multiple-choice test used for admission into US universities. Almost all US universities require an SAT score to be sent in during admission. It is a timed test made up of four sections: Reading, Writing and Comprehension, Maths with a calculator and Maths without a calculator. The SAT is out of a total of 1600. The SAT may be unusual for British students, but it is not anything that they cannot handle, especially after receiving SAT tutoring in London.

What is SAT tutoring in London?

Here at A-List Education UK, we strongly encourage students wanting to take the SAT to begin their SAT tutoring in London two to six months before they take their first test. They should plan to spend one to two hours a week on their SAT tutoring. In London at our A-List offices or online in the comfort of their own home, students should dedicate another two to four hours each week studying. Students are able to take the SAT as many times as they want, and our students typically see their score improve each time they take it. We recommend taking the test two to three times, while continuing to receive SAT tutoring in London between each test.

How can we help your children succeed?

Our team has years of experience with SAT tutoring. In London, we have helped students from all walks of life score high marks on the SAT. We help students find their strengths and weaknesses, teach them how to answer the questions, and apply their skills and understanding to each portion. We make sure students feel confident about attaining a high score on the SAT.

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