Metro New York Article, “Take Steps to Navigate Common Core” Features Scott Farber

applesA-List President, Scott Farber, was recently featured in Lakshmi Gandhi’s Metro NY article Take Steps to Navigate Common Core (2/2/15). Scott shared his thoughts on the Common Core debate and how parents can be more in the know about what’s happening in the classroom.

Other thoughts on the Common Core: The principles and aspirations behind the Common Core State Standards are positive things which we can all collectively support—high schools, colleges, business, parents, and teachers. We all want students to be able to read critically, support their answers with evidence, present their arguments thoughtfully, reason quantitatively; these are all valuable tools that are going to help students throughout their academic careers and for the rest of their lives. One of the common misperceptions about Common Core is that it mandates a specific curriculum or test implementation; however, this isn’t the case, which makes things confusing. Because teachers don’t have a clear sense of what they’re being evaluated on, what assessments will mean for students, and what pieces need to come together to create a unified curriculum, how to best implement the Standards is unclear. Remember, A-List can help your school or organization implement a Standards-friendly, college ready curriculum. 

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