New Testing Policy: Register for A-List’s Weekly Practice Tests

Hello A-Listers! We have a new practice test registration policy in place intended to make everyone’s life easier: ONLINE REGISTRATION FOR WEEKEND PRACTICE TESTS!

In order to give us a better idea of the number of students we can expect to attend as well as to ensure our test centers don’t exceed capacity, we’re asking that our clients register for practice tests that students plan to attend. To register for a test date, simply:

  • Visit our Practice Test page
  • Click the red “REGISTER” button beside the test date you plan to attend
  • Complete and submit the form (you will receive a confirmation email to the email address entered confirming the test details)







Having an idea of the number of attendees will help everything to be more organized, and allow for practice tests to run more smoothly. We’ll need your help in following this new test registration policy to make this possible.

As a reminder, for practice tests students should bring with them a pencil, calculator and the practice exam they will be taking (distributed by tutor). If you do not have a test to bring with you, but want to attend a scheduled test date, please call the office at 646-889-1613.


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