Preparing for the ACT – key steps

The ACT Test is an exam that students need to sit in order to be able to study at US universities. It has quickly become popular due to its easy format, fast thinking and steady pacing.

ACT Tutoring LondonA-List Education is here to help you know exactly what to expect from the ACT test through our customised and highly efficient ACT Tutoring in London. Our experienced tutors will help you navigate through the different aspects of the ACT test and tackle questions on math, science, english and reading (or writing) easily and effectively.

The ACT consists of 215 questions that need to be answered in 2 hours and 55 minutes. If you decide to write an essay as well, you will spend another 40 minutes. Your final score is the average of all your scores in each of these sections.

Practice makes perfect

If you want to achieve a great score in your ACT test, then preparation is key. ACT Tutoring in London will help you get started and plan your preparation right from the beginning. You can use as much or as little of the support we offer to suit your needs and we are here to answer any questions you may have. While it is tricky to decide when to start preparing for the ACT, we recommend starting 2-6 months in advance with our help.

Most of our clients opt for at least 25 hours of ACT Tutoring in London in total, spread over 1 to 2 hours every week. We recommend taking a full diagnostic test in the beginning to gauge your level, continuing with individual tests regularly in order to enhance your problem-solving skills. Always have in mind the score you need for your target college and do your best to calculate how many points you need in order to improve your score. At A-List Education, we are here to help you throughout the way to ensure that you make the most of your preparation.

Not sure if the ACT is right for you?

If you are unsure if the ACT is the right exam for you, let our expert tutors help you with any questions you may have. Contact us today.

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