Preparing for the SAT – some helpful tips

Preparing for the SAT is a big endeavour and many students do not know when to start. A good way to prepare as thoroughly as possible is to undergo SAT Tutoring in London. Tutoring will help you overcome any problems right from the beginning and help you with different ways to adapt your strategy.

SAT Tutoring LondonAt A-List Education we offer ACT and SAT Tutoring in London for students who wish to continue their studies in the USA. We are committed to guiding you through every step of the test and we offer a wide range of learning resources including past tests and comprehensive study guides.

Always understand your mistakes and never repeat them

While each person is different, we recommend starting your preparation at least two months before your SAT test. As a matter of fact, most of our students start preparing at least six months in advance by taking a test every few weeks on average. Understanding and learning from your mistakes well in advance will help you detect error patterns and fix them. This way your scores will go up.

Pay attention to the questions

While it goes without saying, it is very important to pay attention to the question in front of you. For instance, tough questions on the reading section can be approached by practising your connotation and context skills. These skills will help you eliminate answers as you go and you will be able to find the correct answer quicker than usual.

Double-check your answers

While it can be tempting to finish your SAT exam early, you should get into the habit of double-checking your answers and finding time to do so will help ensure that you have managed to avoid unnecessary mistakes. If you have a lot of time left at the end of your exam, it is useful to go through every single question and check that you have chosen the correct answer. This way you can avoid careless mistakes, rush mistakes or mistakes of judgement.

Above all, in order to be as successful as possible with your SAT scores, you need to determine your strengths and weaknesses. Our SAT Tutoring in London is here to help you achieve your goals.

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