Program Spotlight: NJ LEEP Recognized for their Outstanding College Prep Program

NJLEEPA-List partner organization, NJ LEEP (New Jersey Legal Education Empowerment Program), was recently recognized by ABC News for its outstanding college prep program and student achievement. We’re so incredibly proud to be their ACT test prep provider and thrilled with our students’ incredible score improvements!

We ran a 30-hour ACT course over the summer of 2015 for the rising juniors at NJ LEEP. We continued preparation, starting up in fall and going all the way through the June ACT. NJ LEEP students take the February, April, and June ACTs, so they have plenty of opportunities to put what they’ve learned to the test. Average score improvement for the February ACT was +6 points in one class and +3 points in another, for an average ACT improvement of +4.5 points (the national average is +1 point)!

Check out the video from ABC below!

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