SAT Answers & Explanations: FREE Excerpt from “The Unofficial Guide to the Official SAT Study Guide”!

In addition to offering an extensive suite of SAT and ACT books, A-List Education’s NEW Bookstore is now offering visitors the first chapter of its best-selling book The Unofficial Guide to the Official SAT Study Guide– FOR FREE! A-List’s Unofficial Guide is an essential SAT test prep book, and is a solutions manual and companion guide to the College Board’s Official SAT Study Guide (2009 edition).

Now, by simply submitting your email address, you can receive answers and explanations to EVERY question from practice Test #1 of the College Board’s Official SAT Study Guide!

To get your FREE first chapter of our Unofficial Guide simply follow these steps:

  • Visit the A-List Education Bookstore
  • Click on the “GET FREE TEST” gray box on the right side of the page (screenshot below)
  • Enter your email address and click “GET FREE TEST” button
  • Check your inbox for our email from and the link to your free download (Please note: sometimes this email ends up in Spam folders, so if you don’t see it, be sure to check there!)

If you’re a student preparing for the SAT and taking SAT practice exams from the College Board’s Official SAT Study Guide, it’s worthwhile to take the time to complete these steps and receive all answers and explanations from practice test #1.  If you find our free download helpful, you can purchase the complete Unofficial Guide containing answers and explanations to ALL 10 College Board SAT practice exams from the A-List Bookstore.

Here’s some more information about our Unofficial Guide, your companion to the College Board’s Official SAT Study Guide:

Inside you’ll find:

  • Detailed solutions and explanations to every question in the College Board’s Official SAT Study Guide, written by experts in SAT preparation
  • Thorough examination of all answer choices, spelling out why wrong choices are wrong and why you might be tempted by them
  • A comprehensive approach that provides multiple strategies from different points of view
  • Explanation that demonstrate how to apply the techniques from The A-list Book of Knowledge on real test problems
  • A Practical approach prioritizing which question types are most likely to appear on the test
  • Please note: this book is also available in eBook form and for sale on Amazon

Don’t forget to check out all A-List’s other books for the SAT, ACT, and vocabulary prep at our A-List Bookstore page!

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