The College Board is eliminating the essay component of the SAT and also all of the SAT Subject Tests!



Up until January 19th, for most of my students (and by most, I mean all but one), the SAT Essay was something we just ignored. So, this news is no news. Why is the College Board getting rid of it? Because nobody cares about it! Less than 30 schools require it, and of those schools, a lot of them are in California, which is on a strict non-SAT-diet. A lot of people are saying good riddance to the essay. I said good riddance to it five years ago.

Do you still play CD’s? What about cassette tapes? Then, maybe you should take the SAT Subject Tests (before it’s too late). Yeah, I said good riddance to these – I don’t know – ten years ago?

Worry about GPA. Then, SAT. Then, SO (Standing Out). Then, maybe, AP. IMO. FYI. The essay and subject tests have been a CWOT for a while now.

— John Oh, Master Tutor, A-List Education

John Oh

John Oh, Master Tutor at A-List Education