SAT Professional Deveopment: Colegio Jorge Washington’s Success Story

colegio jorge washington2Our friends at Colegio Jorge Washington (Cartagena, Colombia) attended an SAT/ACT A-List training seminar and now use A-List’s online test assessment portal to help run an SAT program with students at their school. Clearly, the hard work and dedication of teachers and students is paying off!

Our friend and teacher at Colegio, Darlene Farr, says “Just want to share with you the results of my students’ SAT scores. All 20 students increased their scores and some by 390 points! We had a great semester and we all enjoyed the class. The class was so popular that the school wants to open another SAT prep session second semester! Thank you and A-list again for the training and giving me the ability to help our students be more successful.”

We couldn’t be happier for Ms. Farr and her students. A-List hopes to replicate this success with more schools and educational organizations across the country and around the world!


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