SAT tutoring in London is accessible for all students

Students all over the UK dream of studying at a US university, wherever in the states that may be. Many students have done their research and know that they need to pass their A Levels, maintain good grades, take part in extracurricular activities, have letters of recommendation and receive SAT tutoring in London to prepare for their SAT.

SAT Tutoring in London

Who can receive SAT tutoring?

The reality is, many students hoping to study at US universities are not able to receive SAT tutoring in London because they live too far from the capital. Besides tutoring, costs such as food and accommodation have to be considered. Luckily, our London-based team at A-List Education UK is proud and excited to share our SAT tutoring with students all over the UK through online courses.

Students, from the comfort of their own homes are able to receive the same tuition that SAT tutoring in London provides in person students. Students will have tuition via an online and interactive video platform, be able to access study material and have practice exams sent to them.

Who this benefits

Our online platform is great for students who are not based in London. Students are able to access and study at home from the Book of Knowledge that we send to their designated address. We recommend students meet with a tutor one to 2 hours a week, and study around one to 2 hours a week at home as well.

Online tutoring is also a great option for busy students seeking SAT tutoring in London. It is important to have a strong list of extracurricular activities when applying for US universities, which sometimes will make getting to our office multiple times a week difficult. Online tutoring gives them the flexibility to work with us when it is convenient.

SAT tutoring isn’t just for students who have access to London. We hope to make sure all students can study in the US no matter where they live in the UK.

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