SAT Vocabulary: Why Vocab Videos is Right for your Child (ATTN. PARENTS!)

The college admissions process is stressful not only for students and guidance counselors, but for parents as well. We feel for you! You certainly want your children to get into the colleges of their dreams as much as they hope to attend the colleges of their dreams. Now, part of the test preparation process can be fun—at least for students (sorry, parents!). Vocab Videos is a revolutionary new system bringing vocabulary to life. Hilarious short videos illustrate the meanings of the most frequently tested SAT words making them easy for students to learn and remember.

Here are a few reasons why Vocab Videos is right for your child:

·         Perfect for preparing for the SAT, ACT, and high school English tests

VOCABULARY MATTERS: When vocabulary increases, so do your child’s SAT scores! About 1/3 of the SAT Reading section is made up of questions that are explicitly vocabulary-dependent—questions that are potentially worth 150 points in all! So, a better knowledge of vocabulary is a concrete way to improve test scores. And standardized tests aside, an increased vocabulary thoroughly improves literacy, making your child a better reader, writer and interpreter of information. A good vocabulary is important both inside and outside the classroom.  

·         THEY’LL ENJOY IT!

There’s not much about studying that could be considered “fun” for students, but that doesn’t make it any less important—it’s those good grades and SAT scores that are going to help your child get into his or her top-choice colleges. Vocab Videos makes studying this essential vocabulary more fun. Hilarious short videos illustrate the meanings of 500 of the most frequently tested SAT words making them easy to learn and remember. Parodies of some of your child’s favorite television shows like Lost, The Office, 24 and Gossip Girl make content more relevant, memorable and compelling for students.Vocab Videos’ humorous plotlines and engaging characters make it an effective and entertaining vocabulary system.

·         Useful study materials

Watching a video once isn’t enough to remember it forever, so our extensive review material is an essential part of the Vocab Videos study program. After students have watched the videos, the quizzes at the end of each unit allow them to reinforce what they’ve seen, and SAT style questions prepare students for what they’ll encounter on standardized tests. An alphabetical glossary helps students keep track of words they’ve mastered, and gives them the option to review definitions without re-watching the videos. Category lists group words by common themes, and additional worksheets list words and provide space for students to write their own sentences using the vocabulary.  If students have a true understanding of the vocabulary, they will be better able to recognize and comprehend the words—even within an unfamiliar context as they could appear on the SAT, ACT or in a homework assignment.  

·         Suits your child’s lifestyle

Between sports practices, extracurricular activities and school projects, we understand your child’s schedule can be jam-packed. Vocab Videos allows students to craft individual study programs, so that they can learn this crucial vocabulary on their own time. They can watch an episode before bed or study five words per day depending on their schedules and when they’re taking their standardized tests. Even if you decide to designate Vocab Videos as “homework” for your child, it won’t feel like their typical study time—Vocab Videos are funny and captivating. Students will be learning and having fun in the process!





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