Secure your child’s future with SAT Tutoring London

The US is known as the land of opportunity but accessing those opportunities can be an uphill struggle. A world-class education at a leading US university goes a long way towards making the most of those opportunities. If your child wants to benefit from a US university education, then they will have to jump through several hoops to get their application accepted. One of the biggest hurdles is the SAT.

SAT Tutoring London

This standardised test is familiar to most US students but here in the UK your child’s exposure to the SAT will likely be minimal or non-existent. It takes a considerable amount of dedication and study to ace the SAT. With A-Levels already demanding much of your child’s time, it is important to take a targeted approach in preparing for the SAT to avoid wasted time and effort. This is where SAT Tutoring London comes in.

What is SAT Tutoring London?

This program of instruction involves customised, one-on-one private lessons with our highly qualified tutors. Your child will get the attention they need to develop the skills that will maximise their chances of excelling at the SAT.

Lessons are tailored to your child’s particular needs, focusing in on key areas in need of improvement. Regular practice tests will ensure your child is making progress and becoming familiar with the SAT format. This is also a great way to boost your child’s confidence as they see their efforts are paying off.

SAT Tutoring London not only comprehensively addresses SAT content but also vital strategies for succeeding under test conditions. The skills gained through our tutoring will put your child in good stead for every test or exam they are faced with throughout their academic life.

Our tutors

SAT Tutoring London tutors are all college graduates from leading US universities. On top of this, we ensure that all of our tutors undergo over 100 hours of training to become qualified A-List tutors. We do not hire freelancers; all of our tutors are part of the A-List family and are dedicated to educating the next generation.

Find out more

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our tutoring services. Simply call, email or get in touch with us online.

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