Confession: I failed my road test my first time out (I foolishly chose a neighborhood in NYC). So what did I do? Take the bus for the rest of life obviously … not. I took it again (in the suburbs).

The first girl I ever asked out said no. So what did I do? Became a monk obviously … not. I asked someone else (who also said no).

The first time I tried to squat 495 pounds, I tore my right hip labrum. It took me years to get back to 465. Yes, I’m still chasing 495.

“Michaela*, you really should take the ACT again.”
“What? I’ve already taken it twice!”

“Adrian*, you really should take the SAT again.”
“What??? I’ve already taken it thrice!!!”

Because you underperformed! I will never squat 545 pounds. Nothing I have ever done could justify that attempt. But everything Michaela and Adrian have done tells me that another attempt is justified: they have more in them.

Weird things happen when it’s all on the line—when you’re expected to win or lose. See A-Rod in the playoffs; the NY Giants versus New England Patriots … twice; Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder. For all of the above, it wasn’t win or lose—it was win and lose.

"You just want more of your students’ money." Nope. Michaela and Adrian don’t really need me anymore. They have conscious competence. They need unconscious competence. For that, it will take 98% perspiration from them. I will provide 1% inspiration and 1% elucidation.

“But I already worked so hard.”
“Work harder.”
“How much?”
"I still train a total of about 20 painful hours a week; give me half that.”

Genius is an infinite capacity for taking pains.

Thomas Carlyle

*Names have been changed