Tips and strategies for the ACT

When you take the ACT, it’s not all about pure academic knowledge. If you want higher scores you also need to develop broader strategies for approaching the test. Some of these can give you that extra edge, and we have plenty to offer when you work with A-List Education UK.

ACT Tutoring in London

The advantage of working with ACT tutoring London

There is no one-size fits all strategy. With the benefit of A-List Education ACT tutoring London, you will get a range of strategies to work with based on the high level of experience within our team. You can try each one and check which give you tangible results.

There are also different techniques that are useful in different parts of the test. You need to work on each of the sections – Science, Math, English, Reading and Essay (if sitting it) – and figure out what you will do in each section.

Answer everything

Even if you don’t know that answer to a question, answer it anyway. You won’t get marked down for giving a wrong answer, so you should guess on the harder questions.

Remember to breathe

Try to relax as much as possible. When it comes to academic work, we are at our most efficient when the body is in a calm state. High stress levels can make it tough to concentrate. Rest well before the test, make sure you eat to give your brain the fuel it needs and take deep breaths if you find your mind racing. You have prepared for this and you can do it.

Some people find it helpful to plan to take the test a few times. Knowing that any one sitting is not ‘the one’ on which all your hopes rely on can be helpful for initiating a calm mindset.

When you have ACT tutoring, London, A-List education offer you even more of these kinds of tips alongside more traditional teaching. We understand the pressures that people place on themselves when it comes to taking theses exams.

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