Tips and tricks for scoring higher on the SAT exam

Preparing and studying for the SAT is a challenge, and you might not know where to start. At A-List Education UK, we have you covered – our experienced tutors are here to guide you through the test, adapt your strategy to improve your score and enable you to improve your critical thinking skills.

SAT Tutoring in LondonWhat is the SAT test?

The SAT test is a very popular standardised test that is required for applications to many leading US universities. This test covers not only key subject areas such as reading, writing and mathematics, but also reasoning skills that are necessary for success in university. You can start your intensive preparation now with our SAT tutoring services in London and see your scores steadily improve.

Our services

At A-List Education UK we offer personalised SAT tutoring in London as well as intensive SAT preparation Bootcamps. Our team is made up of highly qualified tutors and advisors, who are all graduates of top US universities. Our tutors are well aware of the demands on international students and know how to develop realistic and bespoke tutoring sessions for each individual student.

Useful advice

While preparing for your SAT exam, it is helpful to take a diagnostic test to help you understand the overall structure of the exam, as well as establish your strengths and weaknesses. A good strategy for success is to understand your mistakes. If you keep making the same mistakes you need to consider why you are making them and find strategies to eliminate them. Our experienced tutors will help you locate common (or not so common) error patterns in order to avoid them. Whatever your weaknesses are, we’ll help you to understand your mistakes in order to not repeat them during your official SAT exam.

We can help

Whether you are looking for general subject tutoring or more intense London SAT tutoring and preparation, we offer a variety of customised services. Our prep material is created through many years of research and our students have access to free full-length practice tests.

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