Upcoming SAT: Top Tips

After months of preparation, the SAT is here. But how do you get the good SAT score you need? A-List Education, with over fifteen years of experience and thousands of student success stories, we have developed a tailored method to help each student reach their potential.

Our Top Tips for the SAT:


  • Practice and reflection are key!Sitting ~3 SAT mock tests in the weeks leading up to the test will give you a chance to develop the stamina required as well as practice your timing.  Creating test conditions, using the precise timing for each section, really does make a difference psychologically! A-List Education offers proctored SAT and ACT exams every weekend. Contact our Client Service Team to sign up!
  • For each SAT mock test, review your mistakes thoroughly. You want to redo each question and carefully determine where unpack exactly where you went awry.
  • From these trends, create “strategy cards” of the 3-4 top things to remember for each SAT section. Look at these in the breaks between test sections as a to remember what you should do in the next section. Then, refocus to provide a clean transition from the previous section.

On Test Day

  • Give yourself plenty of time to get to the test centre. You want to arrive more than thirty minutes before the test begins to give yourself an opportunity to acquaint yourself with the space, register, and adhere to any social distancing guidelines.
  • Before you walk into the room, take several minutes to yourself. Take some deep breaths, remind yourself of all the hard work you’ve put in, and bring your thoughts into the present.
  • We recommend not looking at social media or any other app distractions the whole morning of the test. This day is about you and only you.
  • Bring snacks! This is a long day, and you need to have energy to get you through to the end. Make sure you bring high-protein snacks and bottled water.

During the Test

  • Before each section, take another deep breath, and concentrate on the specific tips you had for the upcoming section (and only that section!). After a section is done, put it from your mind and focus on what is ahead.
  • Do not spend too long on one particular question – all questions are worth the same amount. If you find yourself wrestling with a question, make a note of it and move on. Ensure the rest of the questions in the section are correct before coming back to it.
  • Read the questions carefully! This is the #1 reason for error on the SAT. For every question, ask yourself, “What do I know? (i.e. what is the question telling me?) and What do I want? (i.e. what is the question asking me?).
  • It is more important to get questions correct than to answer every question. Don’t be afraid to “sacrifice” a couple of questions and give yourself time to answer the other questions correctly. This strategy can improve your score.
  • Fill in every bubble! Yes, you may not be answering every question – but still guess an answer! Worst case scenario, you have a 25% chance of getting the answer correct.
  • Fill in your bubble sheet carefully! Make sure you have selected the answers that you actually mean! We recommend doing this as you go along and not leaving it to the end – you do NOT want to risk running out of time!

If you would like to speak further about tips for the SAT,  reach out to our Academic Team; we will be happy to discuss with you how A-List can help.



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