US University Summer Programmes


Now is the time to be thinking critically about how you’d like to spend your summer holiday! While you are able to carve out some time for “fun in the sun”, US universities want to ensure that you are also doing something productive and engaging with your time away from school. Of course, this can take many forms, but some students will choose to participate in an academic summer programme on a US university campus. This can be a fantastic way to expose yourself to university life, take engaging courses with professors and learn more about a school you might be keen on. Be sure to select programmes wisely, identifying institutions that relate to your passions or overarching academic interests. To maximise your options, we might recommend applying to two to three separate university programmes. It is important to remember that participating in a summer programme does not automatically strengthen your official admissions application, but it can give you great insight into their community and ethos, which will help you down the road!


Application deadlines vary greatly, but tend to be due around this time of year. The process itself often requires a bit more effort than you might think! Many will want a thoughtful personal statement, a robust CV, recommendations and grade reports! It certainly is an effective “dress rehearsal” for your ultimate applications to US universities. Of course, our experienced advisers would be happy to assist you with the process! A great resource to explore US university summer programmes for international students can be found here. We hope you have a fun and rewarding summer holiday!


! Gaining experience and reinforcing key skills can help you go into the March exam feeling ready to make the most of this opportunity. Good luck, and happy testing!


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