Useful tips and strategies for reaching your ACT target score

The ACT is different from the tests you take in school, so you need to implement a different approach. After all, an effective test taker, is a tactical test taker.

At A-List Education, we are not only interested in raising your ACT scores, but we wish to help you achieve the right mind-set in order to ensure that your performance will be flawless. Our tailored ACT tutoring in London focuses on simple but strong strategies and established test-cracking methods, which, in our experience, have proven to bring great results.

ACT Tutoring in LondonAllow time for preparation

Most students begin preparation for the ACT at least six months before the test date – some even opt for an entire year of preparation. Studying and taking sample tests at the last minute will only make you feel more stressed and provide very limited advantage.

Rely on the strategies you have learned with ACT tutoring in London

The ACT tutoring in London you have had over the past months has been tailored to suit your individual learning style, including a number of personalised strategies that have helped you increased your score. Therefore, it is really important not to forget about these strategies on the day of the test. Following the advice of your tutor, avoiding the same mistakes and keeping these strategies in mind as you go, will help you achieve a great score.

Eliminate the wrong answers first

The ACT test consists of multiple-choice questions and that offers a great advantage: it provides the correct answer right in front of you. Working your way towards eliminating the wrong answers from the beginning, will make the correct answers more obvious and easier to spot.

Avoid confusion

If you are worried about filling in the wrong bubble on your answer sheet by accident, there is a simple tip you can follow. Instead of checking the answer sheet constantly, go through a page at a time on English and math and a passage at a time on reading and science. Circle the right answers straight on then booklet and then dedicate some time copying them on the scantron. This way you can rest assured that no mistakes have been made.

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