What difference could ARK US Scholars Programme make to you?

For some people, the dream of going to a top US university might seem out of reach. At A-List Education, we believe that everyone should be able to access the same opportunities and that no one should be excluded due to financial considerations alone. That’s why we started the ARK US Scholars Programme which includes SAT tutoring in London as well as a long list of other support.

SAT Tutoring in London

Could you qualify for ARK and SAT tutoring in London?

The ARK US Scholars Programme can support you at each step of the journey to a prestigious US university, but it cannot do the work for you. We are looking for people with drive and a demonstrable dedication to leadership and improvement. If you know you can make the grade, but you have financial needs, this does not need to stand in your way.

We work with 36 UK schools in various areas of the country, so we may be able to offer you support that is local to you. Once you have shown that you can meet the required standards, you can enrol in the programme.

What does the programme entail?

As well as SAT tutoring in London, the ARK US Scholars Programme also offers experienced guidance on the US university system, making applications and applying for financial aid. Rising costs in the UK mean that the latter has become even more important to many of our students. Scholarships to US universities now offer a great opportunity for those who want an excellent education without taking on huge debts.

A-List Education has relationships with many of the top universities and our tutors all have experience navigating the application process. We provide the framework and the guidance for personal essays, transcripts and the interview process.

Apply yourself and let your brilliance shine through and you could soon be on your way towards an excellent education journey that you may not have previously thought possible. We see this happen repeatedly as a result of the support of the ARK US Scholars Programme and we’re proud of our record and our students. We have given assistance to people who have gone on to Harvard, MIT and other top universities.

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