What is the difference between the ACT and the SAT?

Most US colleges and universities accept scores from the ACT and the SAT test which can be a tough decision for students, as they typically only prepare for one of them. Picking the exam best suited to you will help ensure acceptance into your chosen universities.

SAT Tutoring LondonAt A-List Education we are here to help with your ACT or SAT Tutoring in London. While we cannot tell whether the ACT or SAT is harder, we can give you as much information as possible about both tests, especially if you are unaware how the tests compare to each other. Eventually, you can decide whether it is better to receive ACT or SAT Tutoring in London.

A quick look into the two tests

Structure-wise, both tests are very similar. The SAT consists of three sections – reading, writing and math with an optional essay, whereas the ACT contains four (or five) sections – English, math, reading and science (writing is optional). All SAT sections have a similar structure but that is not the case with the ACT test, where different sections have different formats. However, these differences are not that important.

How extensive is your mathematical knowledge?

An important factor to take into consideration prior to deciding whether you should go for the ACT or the SAT test is your mathematical knowledge. While both tests include mathematics, the ACT test includes a wider range of mathematical subjects compared to the SAT, including geometry. Additionally, the ACT test does not provide any mathematical formulas to the students as opposed to the SAT test. If you feel more comfortable with algebra and you are not as confident with mathematics, the SAT test may be a better option for you.

Deciding which test to take

Instead of guessing which test is better for your individual needs or knowledge, the best way to decide is to sit a practice exam in both tests and compare your scores. At A-List Education, our ACT and SAT Tutoring in London offers a wide range of full-length preparatory tests, which are the closest you can get to the real deal. To learn more about us, give us a call today.

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