What is the SAT?

We are all led to believe that applying to a university is an immensely stressful experience for both US high school students as well as UK students. For US universities in particular, many anxiety-ridden conversations tend to revolve around something called the SAT. Even through popular culture, there are films which show how students can go to extreme lengths to make sure they get a good score on the SAT. We don’t recommend using films to prepare for the SAT, but instead investing in comprehensive SAT tutoring in London. With effective SAT tutoring in London, there really won’t be a need to get too stressed.

SAT Tutoring in London

What is the SAT comprised of?

The SAT is a multiple-choice college entrance test required by most US universities for admission. It is a timed test made up of 4 sections: Reading, Writing and Comprehension, Maths with a calculator and Maths without a calculator. It is scored out of 1600.

How should you prepare for the SAT?

While this test may be completely new for British students, here at A-List Education UK, we prepare our students for success on the SAT. We suggest students invest a minimum of 20 hours in total in SAT tutoring. In London, most of our students break this up into one to two-hour sessions a week, beginning anywhere from two to six months before their first test. We strongly urge students to take the SAT at least two to three times, and to continue with their SAT tutoring in London in between tests. This helps reduce test day jitters and increase their confidence. We typically see an increase in students’ scores after every test. We are confident that practice makes perfect.

What can we provide?

We offer online sessions, one-on-one in office sessions, or group Bootcamps. Our tutors have all gone through the US admissions process and are graduates from leading universities in the US. This allows them to offer your child truly tailored SAT tutoring in London as they know exactly what the students are going through. We strongly believe that all British students should have the chance to study in the US, so that no matter where they live, they will still be able to receive SAT tutoring online .

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