What you need to know about SAT tutoring in London

If you want to go to university in the United States, your first hurdle is getting great marks in one of 2 standardised exams: either the ACT or the SAT. Let’s take a look at the SAT.

SAT Tutoring in London

Students who want to get into US universities need strong SAT scores, particularly for the Ivy League universities, who are inundated with applications every year and can afford to be very picky about whom they admit as students. High SAT scores are a must for these universities.

What is the SAT?

First developed in 1926, the SAT is an American standardised exam that moves with the times. The SAT is constantly revised to reflect the current trends in education. Most recently, the SAT was changed in 2016. These constant updates are why getting a good grounding in the exam questions and format with SAT tutoring in London from A-List Education UK is vital to success.

Subjects covered in the SAT

This exams tests knowledge and scholastic aptitude in 4 areas:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Languages
  • Mathematics.

The SAT in more detail

Expect to have to answer many questions when taking the SAT. There are 52 in the reading section, which is 65 minutes long. There are 44 questions to answer in 35 minutes in the languages and writing sections.

The math section is in 2 parts. The first, with no calculator allowed, has 20 questions to answer in 25 minutes. The calculation section gives you 55 minutes to answer 38 questions.

That’s not a lot of time and so it becomes vital to be prepared for this exam, with lots of practice tests and one-to-one help from us at A-List Education. We can tailor our SAT tutoring in London to suit your needs, swapping your tutor if the first one we assign you does not resonate. We also build our tutoring sessions around your current commitments and offer bootcamps so you can spend time with other SAT candidates in a full-on learning environment.

Please call or email A-List Education to find out more.

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