Why should you choose to enrol in a Bootcamp with A-List Education UK?

When you choose to undertake something as ambitious as entering a US university, it shows you have the will and drive to succeed. Sometimes all you need is a boost to help you get the results you want. A-List Education can give you this with our ACT tutoring in London.

ACT Tutoring in London

When you are up against American students who have been immersed in an education system that is geared towards taking the SAT and the ACTs, the competition can be daunting. In order to give you back a little of the advantage, you can choose to immerse yourself into one of our bootcamps. These take place regularly in central London and are either 5 or 7 days long.


Over the course of your Bootcamp, you will get 30 hours of focused teaching as well as mock tests, so you can track your results. A-List Education have crafted the right materials to support your learning and can coach you in the strategies you need with our ACT tutoring London.

The right environment and people

When you receive ACT tutoring in London, you will experience an immersive study environment with other individuals who are focused on the same thing that you are.

Our tutors know how to get the best out of people. Many of them come from top US universities where they have worked with many students who are studying for the ACT. When you couple this with our small class sizes where you can get focused attention from these professionals, you have a formula for success.

How to book

Booking a place at an ACT tutoring London Bootcamp is easy. Simply select one of our dates and call or email to reserve a place. We have an early bird price if you pay the deposit for your course more than two months in advance.

If you are looking to take your learning to the next level, attending an A-List Education Bootcamps is one way to achieve just that. We look forward to working with you towards the realisation of your educational dreams.

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