Your guide to the SAT

The SAT is one of the biggest hurdles you’ll need to jump to get into an American university. And when we say jump, we don’t mean just clearing it, we mean leaping as high as you can so the university admissions folk take note of your application.

 SAT Tutoring in London How can you make sure you get a great SAT score? With the experienced help and guidance of A-List Education UK, an established, international organisation that helps thousands of students every year get one step closer to their American dream through SAT Tutoring in London.

When you choose us for SAT Tutoring in London, you will get help from the experts, our SAT tutors, to ensure you are as prepared as you can be for test day. So, what does the SAT involve?

4 sections or sometimes 5

There are 4 mandatory sections to the SAT and one optional essay section.

The reading section comes first and comprises 52 multiple choice questions, which you have 65 minutes to complete. Next comes the writing and language section with 44 questions to answer in 35 minutes. This is followed by the math no calculator section, 20 questions in 25 minutes. Lastly is the math with calculator section, with 38 questions to complete in 55 minutes. After this students can opt to complete the essay section.

All in all, it’s 3 hours or 3 hours and 50 minutes with the essay section. You will get breaks though, roughly 5-10 minutes after every hour, which works out to one break after the reading section, one after the first math section, and a shorter 2-minute break after the second math section before the essay.

SAT Tutoring in London will help you prepare for each of these sections, helping you identify your weaker areas for extra practice.

Your score

The SAT is scored on a range from 400 to 1600. You’ll get one score for the math sections and one score for the reading, writing and language sections, which combine to give you your total SAT score. SAT Tutoring in London can help you get closer to the 1600 end of the scoring range.

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