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Highest Score Improvements

A-List believes that it is essential for us to be transparent with our students and families.  Part of that transparency comes from us being able to provide accurate and timely score improvement data to all of our clients.  A-List measures student improvement from each of our students’ baseline diagnostic exam to their scores on their best official exam, and year after year, we find ourselves ahead of the industry.  Below is more information about our score improvement success:

  • Score improvements are measured for students that spend at least 10 hours preparing with our instructors
  • We track our data by class year, by region, and also by school
  • Student score reports also track historical data graphically so students and parents can actually see their scores improving
  • Our SAT & ACT students typically improve by over three times the national average
  • The top 25% of our students improved an average of 350 points on the SAT and 6 points on the ACT
  • While we don’t provide any score improvement guarantees, we expect all of our students to improve if they take regular practice exams and complete their assignments
  • Our score improvements have aided our students in getting into some of the best boarding & secondary schools, colleges & universities, and graduate school programs around the country