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A-List offers the very best, customized tutoring for the PSAT/SAT. Learn more about these tests and our test prep program below.

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Why Choose A-List?

A-List surpasses the competition, providing the very best in-home SAT/ACT tutoring customized to meet the needs of individual students.
Customized Tutoring Plans

A-List recognizes that no two students are alike, and as such, every A-List student receives a custom learning plan designed by their tutor. This personalized blueprint allows students to move at their own pace and concentrate on the subjects that will help them the most. When designing a program, our tutors consider a student’s personality, … Continue reading "Customized Tutoring Plans"...
Expert Instructors

A-List’s instructors are a group of passionate educators that all bring their own unique and personal approach to each student they teach. Each tutor is carefully vetted and put through a rigorous training program to ensure both quality and dedication. They come from diverse backgrounds, but share a love of teaching, connecting with students, and … Continue reading "Expert Instructors"...
Flexible Scheduling

Part of having the right tutor is having a tutor that fits your schedule. Convenience and ease of scheduling are critical for families and students that juggle multiple sports, after-school activities, and the large amount of homework that students face, regardless of their age or grade. Whether your student prefers 60 minute or 90 minute … Continue reading "Flexible Scheduling"...
Highest Score Improvements

A-List believes that it is essential for us to be transparent with our students and families.  Part of that transparency comes from us being able to provide accurate and timely score improvement data to all of our clients.  A-List measures student improvement from each of our students’ baseline diagnostic exam to their scores on their … Continue reading "Highest Score Improvements"...
Strategy & Content Focus

A-List uses an integrated approach focusing on both strategy and content. Our curriculum and materials include a suite of tips, hints, and alternate methods for addressing questions on every exam, but we also address the underlying principles of content to impart a more holistic comprehension of exams. So, in addition to teaching all the “tricks” we … Continue reading "Strategy & Content Focus"...
Extensively-Researched Materials

A-List provides every student with engaging study materials based on extensive research and years of teaching experience. Packed with humor and meticulously kept up-to-date, A-List’s test prep books, college admission materials, and online platforms give students all the tools they need to achieve their highest scores and pave the way to college and graduate school. … Continue reading "Extensively-Researched Materials"...
Online Tutoring Available

Online tutoring can be a great option for students that attend boarding school, live in areas A-List doesn’t traditionally serve, or during circumstances where traditional in-home tutoring isn’t feasible (for example, during inclement weather).  Each of our instructors is trained to effectively hold tutoring sessions online via Webex and Zoom.  These simple programs allow students … Continue reading "Online Tutoring Available"...

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