Clay Glad Testimonials

“Clay was an amazing tutor for the GREs. Clay carefully tailored his teaching to my needs, and quickly picked up on the areas where I needed additional work. He taught me not just the content of the exam, but how to think about each section in order to strategically take the test and avoid pitfalls. I felt so prepared that taking the test was an incredibly straightforward experience. Clay’s genuine interest in my studies (and also the fact that he is incredibly smart!) also made him a great sounding board regarding my PhD plans. I felt that Clay was incredibly invested in me, both in doing well on the GREs as well as my career goals, always reminding me of my capacities with respect to the GRE, and, perhaps more importantly, my academic and career pursuits.”
-Alexa R. (Amherst College, BA & London School of Economics, Masters in Gender Studies)

“To put it simply, Clay was an unbelievable tutor. He understands how to make the most out of each session we spent together, and I can attribute a large portion of my success to his help. He is very good at understanding where people’s weaknesses lie and how to fix them in a way that is both quick and helpful. I would absolutely without hesitation recommend Clay to any friend looking for help on either the SAT or ACT.”
Ryan S. (Great Neck South, 2016+ +400 SAT points
Duke University, Class of 2020

My son Daniel worked with Clay Glad. Clay was able to help Daniel choose between the ACT and SAT and which test would be a better fit for his strengths and weaknesses. He worked with Daniel for the ACT for 8 months. Clay came to our home weekly and gave Daniel practice material and held him accountable for work and showed him the proper strategies to approach the exam. When Daniel did not understand something Clay was patient and explained the work to him. He was always accessible via cell phone and email for questions or other issues. Clay was able to give my son the knowledge and direction and to keep him focused to stay on task and get the needed guidance to learn the proper way to take the ACT.”
Mother of Daniel D. (Great Neck South, 2016) +9 ACT points
Tulane University, Class of 2020

“Before I met Clay Glad, I was not confident about taking the SAT at all. I was very nervous and thought that I would not receive the scores that I wanted. However, after working with him for some time, my scores rose up and more importantly, my confidence built up. He helped me understand what the SAT really is and how to take it. He also helped me strengthen my reading ability and my use of vocabulary. Each time I took the SAT after working with Clay, I was certain that I would do well. I was elated when I received my scores and was convinced that these scores will help me in the near future. He also helped me get the score I wanted on my Mathematics SAT II. Thanks to Clay, I got into the top college on my list. More importantly, he helped me become a better student and learner. I couldn’t have accomplished my goals without Clay.”
Sol A. (Roslyn, 2016)

“My tutor, Clay, was absolutely fantastic and I have, and will continue to, recommend him to others.”
-Faraz S. (Herricks, 2015) +250 SAT points
Emory University, Class of 2019

Clay was a great tutor. I was more than ready for the SAT. I am also now prepared for college because of the organization skills and study habits that I developed while working with Clay. Most importantly, Clay genuinely cares about the success of his students.”
Julia K. (Hunter College HS, 2015) +440 SAT points
Cornell University, Class of 2019

“I had Clay as a personal tutor. Not only was he extremely helpful in preparing me for the SAT, but he was also invaluable in helping me enhance my college applications. I could always turn to him if I had any quick questions or if I needed advice on a specific issue pertaining to college applications or standardized testing. His candid wisdom and great sense of humor made him extremely relatable and I am glad to have been taught by him. Great job, Clay!”
Andrew J. (Manhasset, 2015) +330 SAT points
Bucknell University, Class of 2019

“The book written by A-List had helpful tips and tricks for approaching the various problems on the SAT. The practice tests were held in real, test-like conditions which helped me feel thoroughly ready for the actual SAT. My tutor, Clay Glad, was highly professional, very encouraging and patient. He always gave me new ways to approach the problems I needed help on. He was able to determine which areas I needed to work on and how best to improve. Clay paced my studies so that I never burned out or became discouraged, and went into the test confident and prepared to do my best. Each of our meetings was filled from start to finish with exactly what I needed. Overall, A-List and Clay helped me to improve my SAT score substantially and reach my goal.”
Eva E. (Midwood, 2015) +270 SAT points
University of Texas at Austin, Class of 2019

Clay Glad was a phenomenal sat tutor and I couldn’t have done it without him.”
-Sabrina K. (Portledge, 2015) +270 SAT points
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Class of 2019

“With the help of A-List, I miraculously improved my ACT score by over ten points and was accepted into my first choice college. A-List tutors possess an immense talent to learn their students’ way of thinking and present the information to them in a way that maximizes each student’s personal comprehension. Without the support and teachings from A-List and its tutors, I would not have experienced such great success in the college process.”
Brett S. (Riverdale Country Day, 2015) +10 ACT points
Cornell University, Class of 2019

“I thought Clay Glad was great because he pushed me to want more and do better. I will attend GW and a big reason is because of Clay, so I thank A-List for that.”
Steven A. (Heschel, 2014) +420 SAT points
George Washington University, Class of 2018

“Going into the process with the A-List I was unsure of how an essay tutor would work. I was concerned about if I would have a good enough essay since I felt I lacked diversity and that “feel-good” or “come from behind story.” After meeting with Clay my nerves were immediately settled and we soon began the process that would allow me to get accepted to my dream school. Overall, I feel Clay was a great help in that he wasn’t afraid to tell me the hard truth, which at times I certainly needed. Clay Glad was not only a great tutor but also a true stress reliever in an extremely stressful time.”
Kevin S. (Mepham, 2014)
University of Michigan, Class of 2018

Clay was beyond helpful. When I came to Clay I was simply just taking the test. I had no sense of strategy or skill set to utilize. I was making careless errors frequently and not receiving the scores I knew I could achieve. Clay taught me how to strategize and gave me skills that I could use on every exam to eliminate my careless errors and make test taking easier. Without Clay I would not have been able to bring my test scores to the next level and excel as much as I did.”
-Jordan F. (Roslyn, 2014) +4 ACT points (perfect score!)
Wharton School of Business at U Penn, Class of 2018

“From day one, Clay provided me with the knowledge and skills to succeed on the ACT. At first I had some difficulty with the SAT, so Clay taught me material that I would need to succeed whether I was taking the SAT or the ACT. Ultimately, Clay found that the ACT was a better test and smoothly transitioned me from the SAT to the ACT. I don’t think I would have been able to be so successful without Clay and all of the materials provided by A-List. The practice tests provided me not only with the real-life experience of the content I was learning with Clay but provided me with the skills of how to take the exam and manage my time. Thank you Clay for all your help.”
Zach W. (Wheatley, 2014) +5 ACT points
New York University, Class of 2018

“My experience with A-List was incredible. First and foremost, I was fortunate enough to have a tutor as amazing as Clay Glad. After our very first few meetings, he was able to pick up on my strengths and weaknesses. He gave me specific advice tailored to my situation to help me excel on the SAT – tips and strategies that I do not think I could have done without. He was honest and encouraging. He took an interest in more than just my performance on the SAT, regularly inquiring about my extracurriculars and academics. And he remembered everything I had to say. All of this was really important to me. It made me feel more comfortable taking the test. I give him all of the credit for my improvement on the SAT. The materials A-List provided me were also extremely helpful. I found A-List’s Book of Knowledge much more concise and easy to understand than Testtakers’ big binder. Getting me a tutor from A-List was the best gift my parents could have ever given me.”
Madiha S. (Herricks, 2012) +410 SAT points
Harvard University, Class of 2016