Dasha Jensen Testimonials

Dasha was such an amazing tutor. Not only did she teach me everything I needed to know, but was so caring and understanding. A-list is a great company. I think what I personally found most helpful were the practice tests. I would recommend A-list to anyone searching for a tutor! :)”
Kyleigh C. (Locust Valley, 2018) +4 ACT points

“I thought I improved a lot with the help of my tutor Dasha. The testing schedule was good and I found the practice tests to be very helpful.”
-Caroline S. (Jericho, 2018) +5 ACT points

“My experience with Dasha was terrific!! She was my SAT tutor for many months and helped me raise my score tremendously. She was always able to encourage me, find the areas I needed the most help with, and perfect them. I always looked forward to working with her every week!”
Alex S. (Syosset, 2018) +140 SAT points

“I really loved my tutor Dasha. She was the perfect fit for me as a student, and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.”
Amanda R. (Bellmore JFK, 2017) +4 ACT points

Dasha was the most amazing tutor! She helped me work on my weaknesses and gave me great tips to improve all my sections and overall score! She was great at explaining material and overall just a great tutor! I would recommend her to all of my friends!”
Natalie V. (Roslyn, 2017) +4 ACT points