College Access and Admissions: More Important than Ever

In today's uncertain and ever-changing college admissions landscape, the process can feel complicated and confusing to students and educators alike. It's important to stay up to date to give your students every advantage. A-List provides college access support through essay writing programs and admissions seminars that will give your students an edge over the competition.

Our expert instructors are here to support your students in the college admissions process. A-List offers the College Essay Writing Course through virtual meetings and College Access & Admissions Seminars to make college access simple. Get academic advisor training so you can advise your students when they need help finding the right school and program for them.

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Virtual College Essay Writing Course

The perfect course to offer your students who need coaching or special help with writing college essays that will stand out on an application. 

  • Five week live online group instruction course
  • One session per week, One hour per session
  • Individualized essay editing for all students outside of instruction time
  • Attendance capped at 20 students per classroom

College Access & Admissions Seminars

A deep dive into today’s college admissions landscape. Educators will learn the strategies and techniques that will allow them to become a helpful resource for their students in today’s uncertain admissions process. Get coaching from an expert admissions counselor from A-List who is experienced and on top of the latest do's and don'ts of college admissions.

  • Customizable to each institution
  • Two hours per session
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