A-List courses include everything you need to succeed on any test.

  1. The Right Teacher
  2. The Right Tools
  3. The Right Practice

The Right Teacher

The right teacher brings both pedagogy and personality. A-List Education provides both: teachers that not only educate but also rally.

The Right Tools

Even the best teachers and the brightest students need the right tools. A-List Education provides teachers and students with the tools and technology needed for the best in blended learning.

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The Right Practice

Practice doesn’t make perfect: it makes possible. And not just any kind of practice–the right kind of practice. A-List Education provides students with distributed, guided, independent practice at the right times.

Course Details:

  • 24 to 30 hours of instruction
  • 3 full length practice tests
  • Copies of our print book or our eBook
  • Course analytics to measure progress and inform process
  • Unlimited access to our adaptive online learning platform: Testive
  • Management of course details with Canvas
  • 1 outstanding teacher
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But, wait. You've got the right scores. Now you need the right message!

Personal Statement

A-List can also help you stand out even more by crafting with you the best personal statement. People need to know you. And, you need to know how to make people know you.

  • Synchronous Help
    5 hours of group instruction
    Individualized essay editing
    1 outstanding essay
  • Asynchronous Help
    A 10 module—10 hour course that takes you from rough draft to polish

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