Personalized, Adaptive Learning Technology

Choose our Canvas asynchronous course, or just practice questions on our adaptive learning platform. Partner schools are always able to add on features, as needed. All learning materials are cloud-based; the only required technology for educators is a web browser.

  • Self-paced online course + practice questions + practice tests, for use with all students or a smaller group
  • Instructor Course Pack for teachers who teach their own SAT & ACT courses online
  • Self-paced learning through adaptive practice questions + practice tests
  • Testing + score reports only

Choose our full Canvas course, or just our adaptive learning platform for practice questions; add on real tests with score analytics and professional development to support effective use of data. Students get instant feedback on what they are getting right and the challenges they need to work on, and teachers get analytics for whole classrooms.

Bring Online SAT and ACT Practice Tests to Your School FREE!

How It Works

Help improve your students’ test scores and reduce their study time with adaptive learning. Testive serves up the right questions at the right time so your students are always in their peak learning zone. Testive's approach is the perfect tool for today’s learning.

Performance Reporting

The Testive algorithm provides an individualized program by adapting to students’ needs through analysis of question and response. Included in our Self-Paced Practice Questions + Testing are three online practice tests with Diagnostic Reports and Class Summary Reports. These reports pinpoint areas where each student can improve.

Student Review with Video Explanations

When a student submits an incorrect answer, they receive immediate feedback in written explanations and solution videos. In addition, students have the opportunity to take notes on their own performance which they can reference to make adjustments as they progress.

The Results Speak for Themselves