• Since 2012, A-List has partnered with Democracy Prep’s administration to provide SAT and ACT prep to their junior class. To supplement our direct instruction, we also provide professional development to Democracy’s Prep’s faculty. By 2013, Democracy Prep teachers worked side-by-side with A-List’s expert educators to provide a refresher SAT and ACT course in the fall to their senior class, and then an intensive SAT prep course for their junior class ending for the March SAT. Democracy Prep’s 2013 class had an average ACT score improvement of 2.2 points.
  • A-List provided extensive ACT and SAT preparation to ten cohorts of students at Democracy Prep Harlem High from September 2015 through June 2016. We focused on the ACT from September through April (preparing students for the April ACT), and then on the SAT from April through June (preparing students for the June 2016 SAT).

“Our partnership with A-List has made such a positive impact on our 11th and 12th grade scholars. They gained the knowledge and necessary skills to prepare for the SAT and ACT exams. The A-List tutors are nothing like I imagined. They dove into our school culture by getting to know our scholars personally and holding them to high expectations at all times. The lessons are differentiated in the tutoring sessions based on data received from the diagnostic exams that A-List provides. The tutors worked closely with me to strategically create tutoring groups based on scholars’ academic needs. I appreciate their professionalism as well as their enthusiasm everyday about tutoring. I know without a doubt how much the services A-List provided truly set our scholars up for success.”

Shay Moss, College Counselor
Democracy Prep Harlem High School