A-List has been working with Manhattan Hunter Science High School, a public school in NYC, since 2012. We have trained their teachers how to integrate SAT/ACT skills and use A-List materials in their classrooms. In addition, A-List teachers have conducted ACT/SAT prep classes every semester during the school year.

By using our online assessment portal to give and score practice tests; access slides, lesson plans, and quizzes; and track student progress over time. In 2017, 97% of their students meet the SAT ELA benchmark, 89% of their students meet the SAT Math benchmark, and 95% of their students are above the district mean. Because of these results, over 92% of their students can enroll at CUNY without taking remedial classes.

In 2018, MHSHS’ school mean was 1211 while the district/state mean was 962. Performing well on the SAT provides these students with the opportunity to earn a full scholarship to Hunter College, through a separate private funding partnership. More than 75% of MHSHS students now qualify for a full ride to Hunter—the highest percentage of qualifying students in the school’s history.