A-List was proud to continue its partnership with NJ LEEP (The New Jersey Law & Education Empowerment Project), running a comprehensive ACT prep program for juniors in Newark from October 2015 through the end of May 2016.

A-List took a lot of the fear out of taking the ACT. They broke the test down, letting us see its ins and outs, which let us know what we were up against. Usually, the actual concepts tested were not the most difficult; rather, it was being able to perform in a stressful testing environment. A-List helped us build up our testing stamina, allowing us to tackle the test on our own terms.- Samori Etienne

Adam and the rest of the A-List team really assisted me with the ACT. From the summer to the end of my junior year, I have improved my score tremendously. With their help, as well as my eagerness to learn, I am more confident in my test-taking abilities and will use the strategies learned from the class to enhance my performance during the test. – Julie-Ann Destine

Going into my junior year of high school, I had developed a “just take it” mentality towards standardized tests. When I began learning from brilliant A-list instructors, I realized conquering the ACT and other standardized tests required vigorous studying and great perseverance. Since then, I have improved my ACT score by several points with the help of A-list, allowing me to be a more competitive and confident candidate for top colleges. Thank you, A-list! -Oluomachi Onyekwere
“A-list strategies are not just limited to the standardized test, they are useful skills that will unequivocally serve me in other endeavors.” – Rasheed ’17