Insight into International Admissions with Advise US

A-List is teaming up with Advise US to host an international college admissions informational session for families. Our event will be held at our NYC office, Saturday March 31st. Parents and students are welcome. Please register by completing the form below.

Saturday, March 31st at 12:30PM
A-List Office
29 W 36th Street, 7th Floor
New York, NY 10018

Event Details

We are excited to welcome Advise US founder Catherine Buchanan to host an info session on admissions to top universities in the United Kingdom and Ivy League Universities here in the US. You’re invited to learn more about what is involved in applying to these top schools and ask questions about the process. Below you will find more information about Catherine and the wonderful work she is doing.

Catherine holds a BA (hons) from Harvard College and a MA and a PhD from the London School of Economics, where she also taught for three years. She founded the educational consultancy Advise US which is based in London and specializes in applications to both American and International universities, including Oxford and Cambridge, Edinburgh, St Andrew’s and other leading British universities. Most of Catherine’s clients apply to both Ivy League and Oxford, Cambridge or Imperial College, London. Catherine works closely with her private clients on all elements of a UK/Oxbridge application, including course and university identification, help with arranging visits and open days, etc. For Oxford and Cambridge applications this would include guidance on academic reading and preparation, intensive interview preparation, and feedback on practice pre-admissions tests. Aside from most Oxbridge applications there are other courses, notably Engineering and Medicine, which require pre-admissions testing and an interview. 

The global pool is becoming ever stronger and more competitive as each year passes. Being well-informed and attending to detail is vital; Catherine consults with a network of senior academic contacts in the UK and abroad (faculty, postgraduate and undergraduate students at top US and UK universities) who offer information on the course requirements at their respective institutions.

Catherine is well-versed in the differences between the American and British educational systems and is committed to ensuring that bright, driven students find the right academic as well as pastoral ‘fit’. She draws on her own experience of the challenges a British-educated pupil faces adjusting to Ivy League college culture and is particularly interested in supporting highly intellectually capable pupils submitting dual applications to North American, British and/or Canadian universities.

We hope to see you there!