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A-List’s professional development program does not stop with teacher training. We can help you with every step of the process from planning a course schedule to evaluating test results. Our senior staff has years of experience organizing and integrating SAT and ACT material in a classroom setting, or live online, and we can ensure that your course covers all necessary material, while still keeping your students engaged.

A-List’s instructors will help you and/or your faculty:

    • Develop curriculum: In addition to providing A-List texts, we custom build SAT/ACT test-prep curriculum to meet the needs of your program and students. We can develop lesson plans, quizzes, drills and other course material.
    • Supplemental Webinars & Virtual Office Hours: Supplemental training webinars are available throughout the year to refresh content, review teaching strategies, and assess practice test results. To help support our school and institutional partners, we conduct webinars every two weeks around different topics.
    • Supplemental Training Sessions:  These supplemental sessions are for reviewing and/or reinforcing training material. The sessions can delve deeper into content, strategies, and techniques; or act as a refresher on topics covered during A-List professional development.

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Classroom Materials & Lesson Plans

A-List offers an extensive suite of proprietary materials and online learning tools for educators to use in the classroom to prepare students for the ACT and SAT. Some or all of these products can be incorporated into your test prep program to get students ready to conquer their college entrance exams.

Our online content and test assessment platform includes downloadable (PDF) slides available for every question found in A-List’s primary ACT/SAT manual, The Book of Knowledge, so that educators can talk through and/or work out featured ACT/SAT questions in front of their class.

To supplement our ACT/SAT Book of Knowledge, A-list also provides instructional videos. Learn about the tests and how to answer the questions with A-List experts who have thousands of hours of classroom experience teaching the ACT and SAT.

      • Created by experts: The A-List senior team collectively boasts 75+ years of tutoring, teaching, and standardized test preparation experience and has provided instruction to more than 80,000 students.
      • Extensively-researched: A-List’s books are written by test experts who have combined the knowledge gained through countless hours spent researching ACT and SAT tests with their practical experience teaching thousands of students.
      • Our methods and techniques are proven effective by countless students who used A-List materials and successfully increased their ACT and SAT scores, some as much as three times the national average
      • Master the tests: Our books offer students and educators essential techniques, strategies, and insights for mastering the ACT and SAT. Learn all of the content you need to know, helpful tricks and shortcuts specific to question types, and how to avoid common mistakes.

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A-List offers customized ACT and SAT test prep lesson planspacing guides (course outlines), and bell ringers designed to suit the structure of your organization’s ACT/SAT program.

    • Prior to the start of an in-school course, A-List can assist your faculty with the development of comprehensive class schedules for classes, outlining weekly assignments and setting practice tests dates.
    • A-List can also provide teachers with a suite of customized teacher materials including lesson plans and downloadable (PDF) slides for each question in The Book of Knowledge to facilitate classroom learning.
    • Our curriculum planning not only helps instructors determine how to best organize and present the material, but also provides a guideline for study pacing for individual or specialized groups of students to ensure that enough time is allotted for the each topic.
    • No matter the format of your ACT/SAT program, we can tailor it to your needs– breaking down the course content as extensively as necessary. We can structure lesson plans based on a year-long, semester, or crash/boot camp course (with students working toward a particular test date); we can detail how the classes per week and class time should break down by test section and topic(s).
    • All course schedules and lesson plans correspond with the contents of A-List’s ACT and SAT Book of Knowledge Teacher Manuals
    • Use A-List “bell ringers” to start your classes; they serve dual purposes: they address content and/or skills for students to succeed in your classroom, and they provide opportunities for teachers to explore different ways of thinking (sometimes, the “ACT-way” or “SAT-way” is not necessarily the textbook way)

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