School & Nonprofit Partnerships

“This is was our third year working with A-List, and we will be working with them again next year. 30 of our 75 juniors opted into the class and all received valuable techniques and knowledge that improved scores on the SAT, many of them over 200 points. A-List is very flexible and fair and really works hard to make sure that their teaching schedule and plan works best for our school and our kids.” -Assistant Principal, Public High School in Manhattan

A-List is thrilled to have partnered with a number of schools to provide an array of direct instruction services. Learn more about our school partners below:

  • “I Have a Dream” Foundation

    About the Organization:

    The “I Have A Dream” Foundation’s mission is to empower children in low-income communities to achieve higher education and fulfill their leadership potential by providing them with guaranteed tuition support and equipping them with the skills, knowledge, and habits they need to gain entry to higher education and succeed in college and beyond.

    By helping Dreamers gain access to college, they are putting Dreamers on a different academic and life trajectory, while having a broader impact on the students’ families and the generations that follow.

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    About A-List’s Program with “I Have a Dream” NY Metro Area:

    We started our partnership in Fall 2012 with DeHostos-Wise site in providing Reading and Writing Core skills to their 10th grade class. During these sessions, the Dreamers built up their grammar and writing skills, and were introduced to our innovative Vocab Videos platform to increase their vocabulary. In Fall 2013, we partnered with Chelsea II site to provide their 10th grade class with a similar program, and are now engaged in Math Core skills for both their 9th and 10th graders in spring 2014. We have also expanded our reach to Ravenswood site in offering an intensive 24-hr SAT prep course for their junior class.

    “A-List was engaging and substantive for our students who we refer to as Dreamers. Each week our Dreamers were completely immersed in the class’s content and coupled with A-List’s interactive and innovative approach reaped significant results helping them apply their new knowledge immediately…” -Marvin Cabrera, Director, “I Have A Dream” Foundation (NYC Metro Area


    About the Organization:

    The 1199SEIU Funds are among the strongest and largest labor-management funds in the nation, providing a range of comprehensive benefits to 400,000 working and retired healthcare industry workers — members of 1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers East — and their families. Through the Benefit and Pension, Training and Employment and Child Care Funds, 1199SEIU members enjoy complete health benefits, a defined monthly pension at retirement and training, educational, job security, and child care benefits all at little or no cost.

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    About A-List’s Program with 1199SEIU:

    Starting in spring 2013, A-List partnered with 1199SEIU Child Care Fund to provide SAT prep to the students of union members. The program consisted of an intensive 30-hr prep course in the spring and then reconvened for an additional 18-hrs in the fall. Students also participated in college readiness workshops, including Examining College Options and the College Essay.

    Mr. Dory, in my honest opinion, is a very enthusiastic, well-dressed, and brilliant teacher, and I understand the way he teaches in class.” -1199SEIU Student

    Did you know… 

    • In the Spring of 2013, 1199SEIU students had an average SAT Score Improvement of +157 SAT points
    • The average score increase between the Spring and Fall exams was +67 SAT points

  • Bedford-Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation

    About the Organization:

    Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation, the nation’s first community development corporation, partners with residents and business to improve the quality of life of Central Brooklyn by fostering economic self sufficiency, enhancing family stability and growth, promoting the arts and culture and transforming the neighborhood into a safe, vibrant place to live, work and visit.

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    About A-List’s Organization with Bed-Stuy Restoration Corporation:

    In spring 2014, A-List partnered with Bed-Stuy Restoration to provide local students with an intensive 24 hr. SAT prep course through the generous funding Metropolitan Realty Group.

  • Belmont Preparatory High School

    A-List worked with Belmont Preparatory High School (Belmont Prep) this fall to provide a 24-hour SAT course for two classes of students taking the March SAT.

  • Bronx High School for Law and Community


    o   A-List has partnered with Bronx High School for Law and Community Service (BHSLCS) to provide a 24-hour SAT prep course and a 14-hour SAT Refresher course this fall. We are excited to continue working with BHSLCS by offering further SAT prep classes in 2016.

  • Bronx Latin

    A-List ran a 30-hour SAT prep course for Bronx Latin juniors this spring. The class met for three hours on Saturdays and led up to the May SAT.

    Bronx Center for Science and Mathematics

  • Brooklyn Young Women’s Leadership School

    A-List worked with the Brooklyn Young Women’s Leadership School to provide a 24-hour SAT preparation program to a group of juniors working toward the June 2016 SAT.

  • Catholic Charities

    High School for Health Careers and Science

    Working with Catholic Charities, A-List provided Regents prep courses two days per week for three classes of students at the High School for Health Careers and Science from March through June 2016. Subjects covered were ELA, Integrated Algebra, and Global.

  • Democracy Prep

    • Since 2012, A-List has partnered with Democracy Prep’s administration to provide SAT and ACT prep to their junior class. To supplement our direct instruction, we also provide professional development to Democracy’s Prep’s faculty. By 2013, Democracy Prep teachers worked side-by-side with A-List’s expert educators to provide a refresher SAT and ACT course in the fall to their senior class, and then an intensive SAT prep course for their junior class ending for the March SAT. Democracy Prep’s 2013 class had an average ACT score improvement of 2.2 points.
    • A-List provided extensive ACT and SAT preparation to ten cohorts of students at Democracy Prep Harlem High from September 2015 through June 2016. We focused on the ACT from September through April (preparing students for the April ACT), and then on the SAT from April through June (preparing students for the June 2016 SAT).

    “Our partnership with A-List has made such a positive impact on our 11th and 12th grade scholars. They gained the knowledge and necessary skills to prepare for the SAT and ACT exams. The A-List tutors are nothing like I imagined. They dove into our school culture by getting to know our scholars personally and holding them to high expectations at all times. The lessons are differentiated in the tutoring sessions based on data received from the diagnostic exams that A-List provides. The tutors worked closely with me to strategically create tutoring groups based on scholars’ academic needs. I appreciate their professionalism as well as their enthusiasm everyday about tutoring. I know without a doubt how much the services A-List provided truly set our scholars up for success.”

    Shay Moss, College Counselor
    Democracy Prep Harlem High School


  • Dwight School

    A-List had the opportunity to continue its partnership with Dwight School this fall through an intensive 24-hour ACT prep course for the school’s seniors.

  • Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom High School

    About the Organization:

    Fannie Lou is a performance based assessment (PBAT) school. The fundamental aim of Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom High School is to teach students to use their minds well and prepare them to live productive, socially useful, and personally satisfying lives. Fannie Lou is also a Children’s Aid Society Community School. By partnering with a CBO, the school is able to provide wrap-around-services to the students, families, and South Bronx community.

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    About A-List’s Program with Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom High School

    Through the generous funding from Metropolitan Realty Group A-List was able to run a 24-hour SAT prep course for seniors at Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom High School over their Summer Bridge Program. FLHFHS is a performance based assessment, community school in partnership with Children’s Aid Society. The program was so successful that A-List will be continuing our work with the seniors in fall, and then will begin to work with their junior class in the spring of 2015.

    During a recent visit from Dr. Carrera, Vice President of Adolescent Services at Children’s Aid, the student’s outpouring of appreciation and enthusiasm was overwhelming to the staff. Fannie Lou Assistant Principal, Jeff Palladino, said:

    A-List Education provided SAT preparation to our students this summer and the results were amazing. Our student improved an average of 116 points on the SAT over the course of a few weeks. A-List Education managed to demonstrate gains in SAT scores for our students and still make the preparation engaging and relevant. Our students that participated requested to continue to work with A-List Education in the Fall.

    Our funder from MRG, Scott Jaffee, was equally moved by the students’ success and pledged to continue funding the program:

    When we first started I only had three buildings and was very active with my tenants. Now that we’ve grown I’m not able to play such an active role. These programs allow me to still be involved in the community.”

    Did you know… 

    Fannie Lou students improved an average of 116 points on the SAT after A-List’s 24 hour SAT course.

  • Food and Finance High School

    A-List was excited to work with Food and Finance High School, which offers a challenging academic program that focuses on culinary arts and finance. A-List provided Food and Finance students with a 24-hour SAT preparation course on Saturdays, leading up to the June 2016 exam.

  • Fredrick Douglass Academy III

    Partnering with Fordham Liberty Partnership Programs, A-List provided Algebra Regents prep at Frederick Douglass Academy III for three weeks in January, meeting with students three days per week.

  • Harlem Children’s Zone

    About the Organization:

    HCZ is a community-based organization serving over 17,000 children living in a 100 city-block area in Harlem NYC. By addressing the needs of the entire community, HCZ isn’t simply helping children beat the odds, it’s helping to change the odds. The organization was recently recognized by President Barack Obama for its efforts and his administration proposed that $10 million of the 2010 national budget be used to model similar programs across the nation.

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    About A-List’s Program at HCZ:

    Starting in the 2010-2011 school year, A-List assumed responsibility for all of the Harlem Children’s Zone (HCZ) SAT test prep after all students who attended eight classes or more of A-List instruction in the spring improved by over 210 points. Most recently, A-List has partnered with HCZ to provide additional classroom support to their teachers in the areas of Math, English, and Science.

  • Henry Street Settlement

    A-List is excited to be working with the Henry Street Settlement 9th and 10th graders, providing them with a unique 26-hour Reading, Writing, and Math Core Skills curriculum.

  • High School for Telecommunication Arts and Technology

    This spring, A-List provided a 30-hour after-school SAT preparation course for two classes of “HSTAT” juniors, meeting two days per week leading up to the June 2016 SAT.

  • Hunts Point Alliance for Children

    About the Organization:

    The Hunts Point Alliance for Children builds collaborative relationships that sustain and nurture neighborhood families and children. HPAC is fueled by the diverse resources, strengths and passions of its member agencies and the Hunts Point Peninsula community. They believe that the overall well being of the community is rooted in quality education, ongoing support, and the inspiration of our children.

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    About A-List’s Program at HPAC:

    HPAC requested a comprehensive academic curriculum for their students, grades 9th-12th. A-List developed programming that included Reading & Writing Core Skills, Regents Prep, SAT Prep, and College Essay Workshops. All 9th, 10th, and 11th grade students would enroll in the Reading & Writing Core Skills module every fall semester. This module was crafted to prepare them for their high school coursework and standardized college entrance exams. Students participated in activities specifically designed to help them recognize principal distinctions between informative and persuasive writing while advancing the overall goal of student engagement with different perspectives and higher level reading. In spring, students moved on to the Regents and/or SAT Prep, depending on their current grade level. Students learned various test-taking strategies, techniques and subject-specific content. The primary focus of these modules was to ensure that any substantial knowledge gaps are filled and that students applied their critical-thinking skills to difficult problems in order to find solutions. Finally, College Essay Workshops were offered to rising seniors. This module will employ frameworks and leverage various strategies that help students learn how to write an original, persuasive essay that will get attention of college admissions officers.


  • Institute for Collaborative Education (I.C.E.)

    A-List is proud of its continued partnership with Institute for Collaborative Education. Since 2012, A-List has supplemented I.C.E.’s curriculum by providing SAT prep courses taught by our expert teachers inside the school day.

    • Our winter 2012 I.C.E. students had an average SAT score improvement of 190 points.
    • Our spring 2013 I.C.E. students had an average SAT score improvement of 225 points.
    • Spring 2014 average score imp: 185 points

    “My teacher was super awesome. You guys should work in more schools; you have this down to an art.” -Student, I.C.E. SAT Course

  • Jewish Home Lifecare

    About the Organization:

    Jewish Home Lifecare provides a broad spectrum of care and serves as a resource on concerns of aging for elders and caregivers. Their Research Institute on Aging works to expand knowledge of the aging experience and models of service, to contribute to the quality of care and quality of life afforded older adults and their families. Jewish Home Lifecare’s staff, trustees and partners strive to be a vital force in serving elders and those who care for them.

    Since 2006, the Geriatric Career Development (GCD) Program of Jewish Home Lifecare (JHL) has helped at-risk New York City high school students climb career ladders in health care. The GCD Program involves a three year structured work-based learning curriculum, internships, academic support, social services, college test preparation and college and career counseling.

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    About A-List’s Program with Jewish Home Lifecare:

    The Geriatric Career Development (GCD) program works with students starting in their sophomore year through graduation. The program provides tutoring, SAT prep, college readiness, and vocational training in either Certified Nursing Assistant or Pharmacy Technician. A-List offers workshops on such topics as Educational Goals, College Options and Readiness, College Selection, Personal Statement/College Essay, College Application, Financial Aid, Making the Right Decision, and College Transition. We provide one-to-one advising sessions starting in students’ junior year to help with the college selection process; and continue through their senior year assisting with the college and financial aid application process.

    A-List provides a comprehensive college readiness component to GCD’s program by combining a myriad of workshops with individualized advisement sessions. A-List’s host of college readiness workshops provide each student with the tools necessary to make informed decisions around college admissions. The workshop series starts in their sophomore year with College 101 and Identifying Educational Goals. Junior year students begin to create their college roadmap with Getting Your House in Order and Assess Your Readiness, and then begin to set the criteria for their strategic college search with Examining Your College Options, and College Selection. As the students make their way towards senior year, we begin with the College Essay, College Applications, and Financial Aid workshops. Students also received individual advisement sessions to review transcripts, revise essays, and complete college and financial aid applications. A-List sees the students through the entire admissions process and ends with sessions to compare financial aid packages. A-List also coordinators two college roundtable events, and provides additional workshops to parents.


    “The A-List program in the Jewish Home Lifecare (GCD) internship was extremely helpful. With all the stress of being a high school senior, A-List help get a weight of my shoulders. I learned so many things that would help me in the future and to possibly help others. This program made my senior year much easier.” -JHL Student, Natalie D., Fashion Institute of Technology, Class of 2018


  • Lehman High School

    A-List paired up with East Side Settlement House, providing students at Herbert H. Lehman High School with a 24-hour SAT prep course for two classes of juniors preparing for the June 2016 exam.

  • Manhattan Business Academy

    A-List ran two intensive SAT programs for two cohorts of students at Manhattan Business Academy: a 24-hour fall course and a 30-hour spring course, running to the March and June 2016 exams, respectively.

  • Manhattan Hunter Science High School

    A-List has been working with Manhattan Hunter Science High School, a public school in NYC, since 2012. We have trained their teachers how to integrate SAT/ACT skills and use A-List materials in their classrooms. In addition, A-List teachers have conducted ACT/SAT prep classes every semester during the school year.

    By using our online assessment portal to give and score practice tests; access slides, lesson plans, and quizzes; and track student progress over time. In 2017, 97% of their students meet the SAT ELA benchmark, 89% of their students meet the SAT Math benchmark, and 95% of their students are above the district mean. Because of these results, over 92% of their students can enroll at CUNY without taking remedial classes.

    In 2018, MHSHS’ school mean was 1211 while the district/state mean was 962.  Performing well on the SAT provides these students with the opportunity to earn a full scholarship to Hunter College, through a separate private funding partnership. More than 75% of MHSHS students now qualify for a full ride to Hunter—the highest percentage of qualifying students in the school’s history.

  • Metropolitan Realty Group

    About the Organization:

    The mission of Metropolitan Realty Group, LLC is to be a provider of safe, affordable, quality housing for residents of the New York metropolitan area. We are committed to providing our clients and partners with the highest level of service and expertise through effective and efficient management while remaining in accordance with all federal, state and local regulations. We recognize that a residence is more than just a structure – it is a home – and we are dedicated to making this ideal a reality for our entire community.

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    About A-List’s Programs with MRG:

    Through the generous funding of Metropolitan Realty Group A-List has been able to provide SAT prep courses to a broad range of students stretching across three boroughs. Starting in the spring of 2013, MRG reached out to A-List to provide an SAT prep course for residents in its East Harlem housing complex. In addition, MRG funded a similar program for the Riverside Hawks in hopes of reaching some of their residents in their West Harlem housing developments. Since then MRG has funded SAT prep programs for I Have A Dream: Ravenswood and Bedford-Stuyvesant Restoration Corp.

  • Mott Haven Village Academy

    Also in partnership with East Side Settlement House, A-List provided push-in Regents prep in Global History and Geography and Geometry twice a week at Mott Haven Village Academy.

    •         Fredrick Douglass Academy IV

    o (DOE website)

    o   Through A-List’s partnership with the Center for Supportive Schools, we provided Regents prep courses in Living Environment and Algebra for multiple cohorts of students at Frederick Douglass Academy IV from March through June.


    •         Morris Academy for Collaborative Studies

    o (DOE website)

    o   Also through our partnership with CSS, A-List provided Regents prep on Saturdays for two classes of students at Morris Academy for Collaborative Studies. We offered courses in Geometry and Global, as well as push-in courses in Algebra and Living Environment.

    o   Additionally, this June 2016, A-List is providing Regents prep for twenty groups of Morris Academy students for seven days, offering help in Earth Science, Algebra, Geometry, Global, and Living Environment.


    •         Flushing High School


    o   A-List provided two and a half-hour courses of Regents prep to students at Flushing High School for nine weeks, running from April through June 2016.

  • New Heights

    About the Organization:

    New Heights has one core program, College Bound. It integrates education, athletics and leadership development to help student-athletes develop critical skills and navigate the high school and college admissions processes. It accomplishes these goals through four key program components: Basketball, High School Assist, College Assist and Summer Academy.

    About A-List’s Program at New Heights:

    Starting in 2011, A-List has teamed up with New Heights to provide their student athletes with SAT preparation to aid in their recruitment efforts. Each season, A-List provides an intensive 24-hr SAT prep course in the Spring and then a refresher course in the Fall.

    Did you know… 

    In the Spring of 2013, New Heights students had an average SAT Score Improvement of +218 SAT points.

  • New Yorkers for Children

    About the Organization:

    NYFC was founded in 1996 by former Commissioner of the Administration for Children’s Services Nicholas Scoppetta, as the non-profit partner to Children’s Services. Over the past fifteen years, donations from individuals, corporations, and foundations have enabled NYFC to support the child welfare community as a whole, as well as those programs that focus on the individual needs of young people in foster care. NYFC has developed programs that make a difference in the lives of young people including college scholarships, tutoring programs, job training, and networking opportunities.

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    About A-List’s Program at NYFC:

    A-List continually provides tutoring services to youth in the New Yorkers for Children Guardian Scholars program in subjects ranging from calculus to philosophy. Over the course of several years, its staff has developed individualized study plans for these foster youth as they attend college.


    A-List was proud to continue its partnership with NJ LEEP (The New Jersey Law & Education Empowerment Project), running a comprehensive ACT prep program for juniors in Newark from October 2015 through the end of May 2016.

    A List took a lot of the fear out of taking the ACT. They broke the test down, letting us see its ins and outs, which let us know what we were up against. Usually, the actual concepts tested were not the most difficult; rather, it was being able to perform in a stressful testing environment. A-List helped us build up our testing stamina, allowing us to tackle the test on our own terms.- Samori Etienne


    Adam and the rest of the A-List team really assisted me with the ACT. From the summer to the end of my junior year, I have improved my score tremendously. With their help, as well as my eagerness to learn, I am more confident in my test taking abilities and will use the strategies learned from the class to enhance my performance during the test. – Julie-Ann Destine


    Going into my junior year of high school, I had developed a “just take it” mentality towards standardized tests. When I began learning from brilliant A-list instructors, I realized conquering the ACT and other standardized tests required vigorous studying and great perseverance. Since then, I have improved my ACT score by several points with the help of A-list, allowing me to be a more competitive and confident candidate for top colleges. Thank you A-list! -Oluomachi Onyekwere
    “A-list strategies are not just limited to the standardized test, they are useful skills that will unequivocally serve me in other endeavors.” – Rasheed ’17


    A-List had the opportunity to work with New Jersey SEEDS (Scholars, Educators, Excellence, Dedication, Success) by offering a 25-hour ACT preparation course this spring for students gearing up for the June 2016 ACT.


    About the Organization:

    A pioneer in art and design education since its founding in 1896, Parsons The New School for Design has cultivated outstanding artists, designers, scholars, businesspeople, and community leaders for more than a century. Today, when design thinking is increasingly being employed to solve complex global problems, Parsons is leading new approaches to art and design education. At the Academy, students develop skills in drawing, painting, animation design, portfolio development, product design and graphic design.

    Parsons also offers a Certificate Program for students in grades 9-12 who plan to apply to colleges of art and design. Participants entering the 12th grade can enroll in a portfolio course to prepare for college admission. In the summer, the Academy offers two-week long intensive courses. In addition, pre-college students age 16 or older may also enroll in Parsons Summer Intensive Studies programs in either New York or Paris for college credit. The Parsons Pre-College Academy sharpens students’ natural talent and supplements their school’s arts education.

    The Parsons College Preparation Scholarship Program is a three-year program for New York City public school sophomores. Through this program, student scholars study design at the college level, develop the skills necessary to gain admittance to art and design colleges, and explore the range of design career choices.

    About A-List’s Program at Parsons:

    A-List developed a customized SAT preparation program with Parsons The New School for Design’s Pre-College Scholars Class of 2011. The eight-week SAT program not only intends to get scholars SAT ready, but to empower students as they endeavor to realize their potential through higher education. For the duration of the course, an expert A-List instructor employed our tested methodologies and proprietary materials, like the A-List Book of Knowledge and Vocab Videos, to equip scholars with the knowledge and skills needed to master the SAT. A-List continues to provide an intensive 24-hr SAT preparation course for the Parsons Pre-College Scholars programs each spring.

    In 2012, Parsons students had an average SAT score improvement of +166 SAT points.

    In 2013, Parsons students had an average SAT score improvement of +145 SAT points.

    Spring 2014 average score imp: +141 SAT points

  • Paulo Freire

    In fall 2015, A-List partnered with Paulo Freire Charter School in Newark to provide current seniors with a 24-hour SAT prep course.

  • Renaissance Youth Center

    About the Organization:

    Renaissance Youth Center seeks to empower at-risk inner city youth to fully maximize their potential as productive and responsible members of society by offering dynamic, team-building education, music and sports programs while instilling the importance of building strong communities. They believe that they can achieve these goals by enriching the lives of students, by filling in some of the gaps that their schools or families in some cases may not be able to fill.

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    About A-List’s Program with Renaissance:

    Starting in 2011, Renaissance has partnered with A-List to provide their juniors with SAT prep. The success of the initial group of students was so impressive, that we have become an ongoing staple in their SAT programming. Each Spring, A-List provides an intensive 24-hour SAT prep course to their juniors, followed by an additional 18-hr refresher course in the Fall. According to Renaissance, the success of this program has now resulted in a waiting list!


    In Fall 2013, Renaissance students had an average SAT score improvement of 163 points.

  • Riverside Hawks

    About the Organization:

    The Riverside Hawks promote athletic development, educational advancement, strength of character and successful lives for underserved youth. We accomplish our mission by:

    • Encouraging academic excellence through afterschool and extracurricular programs;
    • Helping youth establish and achieve short- and long-term personal goals;
    • Promoting the development of strong moral character and the value of fair play; and,
    • Providing a support system to ensure youth become valuable

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    About A-List’s Program with Riverside:

    Through the generous funding of Metropolitan Realty Group A-List began providing SAT test prep to the Riverside Hawks basketball players and other students participating in Riverside Church’s programs. Starting in the spring of 2013, A-List provided an intensive 25 hour course to the students at Riverside as well as a follow up course in fall 2013.


    In fall 2013, Riverside students has an average SAT score improvement of 253 points.

  • SCO Family Services

    SCO Family Services works to support struggling and at-risk families and individuals, operating over 87 programs at more than 111 locations. A-List is proud to partner with SCO, offering their high school students 16 hours of instruction in Reading, Writing and Math Core Skills.

  • StreetSquash

    About the Organization:

    Founded in September 1999, StreetSquash is an after-school youth enrichment program that combines academic tutoring with squash instruction, community service, and one-on-one mentoring. StreetSquash’s mission is to provide consistent, long-term and reliable support to the children, families and schools in Harlem. By exposing these children to a broad range of experiences and by maintaining the highest standards, StreetSquash aims to help each child realize his or her academic and personal potential.

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    About A-List’s Program at Street Squash:

    For several years A-List provided SAT instruction at schools during the day and after class but quickly realized that it could offer a better solution for its clients and their students. StreetSquash was the first nonprofit to utilize this service. A-List’s teacher training and content licensing programs have significant benefits over traditional third party offerings:

    • Subsidizing the cost shifts the payment burden away from the students, who may not be able to afford the best courses.
    • Holding courses during the school day will makes it easier for students to attend without sacrificing time for schoolwork, sports, or the arts.
    • The school’s imprimatur upon the classes makes students take the work more seriously than they would independent classes, which are often viewed as extracurricular and therefore optional.
    • Training the faculty in new subject matter will create a new level of valuable expertise in the staff, an expertise that can grow stronger and more refined over the years.

  • The Emerson School

    A-List has been working with Emerson High School since 2014, offering a range of customized courses in both the ACT and SAT. In the winter of 2015, we provided 30 hours of SAT instruction to 31 students in partnership with Emerson. A-List has enjoyed its continued relationship with Emerson High School and  is currently providing a 24-hour ACT prep course this fall.

    o   Winter 2015 average score imp: 128 SAT points

  • The Lab School for Finance and Technology

    This spring, A-List offered students at The Lab School a 24-hour SAT preparation course, which met twice a week and ran to the March exam.

  • The New Jewish Home

    A-List was excited to continue our longstanding partnership with The New Jewish Home by offering SAT prep for juniors at both the Manhattan and Bronx Jewish Home sites. We provided 70 juniors with a 24-hour SAT preparation program, which ran up to the June 2016 SAT.

  • Union Square Academy for Health Sciences

    This spring, A-List provided Union Square with a 24-hour SAT course for a class of juniors preparing for the June 2016 exam.

  • Victor Cruz Foundation

    A-List was pleased to offer a 24-hour SAT prep course to students at the Victor Cruz Foundation who were working toward the May exam. Victor Cruz himself stopped by to offer some motivational words to the students on their first day of class!

  • Year Up

    About the Organization:

    Year Up is a one-year, intensive training program that provides urban young adults from all over the country, with a unique combination of technical and professional skills, college credits, an educational stipend and corporate internships. Year Up’s National Capital Region site hosted President Obama in June of 2009 when he delivered his Father’s Day speech.

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    About A-List’s Program at Year Up:

    In 2008, A-List began college admissions consulting services for Year Up, guiding students through the complexities of the college selection and application process, demystifying the FAFSA and connecting students to scholarships. This module has now become a standard element of the Year Up curriculum for all students. Over the course of this program its instructors noticed that many Year Up students had low basic math levels as they prepared for apprenticeships in investment operations or technical support with firms like JPMorgan Chase and Google. A-List then built a custom business math curriculum covering key mathematical concepts in a practical business context.

  • YMCA

    o   A-List ran a variety of test prep courses out of ten different YMCA branches throughout all five boroughs, working toward May and June 2016 exams. Each class met once a week for 12 weeks for a total of 24 hours of test preparation. Nine of the ten YMCA sites were preparing for the SAT, while students at Westside were gearing up for the ACT.

    o   A-List ran two SAT programs out of YMCA McBurney, one of which ran until the May SAT, and the other until the June 2016 SAT. Other sites include: Greenpoint, Flushing, Vanderbilt, APPA, Port Richmond, Ridgewood, Leadership Academy, Westside, Thurgood Marshall