“I Have a Dream” Foundation

About the Organization:

The “I Have A Dream” Foundation’s mission is to empower children in low-income communities to achieve higher education and fulfill their leadership potential by providing them with guaranteed tuition support and equipping them with the skills, knowledge, and habits they need to gain entry to higher education and succeed in college and beyond.

By helping Dreamers gain access to college, they are putting Dreamers on a different academic and life trajectory, while having a broader impact on the students’ families and the generations that follow.

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About A-List’s Program with “I Have a Dream” NY Metro Area:

We started our partnership in Fall 2012 with DeHostos-Wise site in providing Reading and Writing Core skills to their 10th grade class. During these sessions, the Dreamers built up their grammar and writing skills, and were introduced to our innovative Vocab Videos platform to increase their vocabulary. In Fall 2013, we partnered with Chelsea II site to provide their 10th grade class with a similar program, and are now engaged in Math Core skills for both their 9th and 10th graders in spring 2014. We have also expanded our reach to Ravenswood site in offering an intensive 24-hr SAT prep course for their junior class.

“A-List was engaging and substantive for our students who we refer to as Dreamers. Each week our Dreamers were completely immersed in the class’s content and coupled with A-List’s interactive and innovative approach reaped significant results helping them apply their new knowledge immediately…” -Marvin Cabrera, Director, “I Have A Dream” Foundation (NYC Metro Area