ACT/SAT Test Prep

A-List’s fully customizable ACT and SAT professional development programs equip instructors with the tools and resources to effectively run a stand-alone test prep course. Training session programs include an in-depth overview of the exams discussing format, content, overall strategies, and scoring assessments. To complement our teacher training services, A-List has also developed an extensive suite of ACT/SAT student and teacher books, study guides, and e-learning tools. These materials have been aligned to recognized educational benchmarks for various state standards allowing teachers to incorporate ACT/SAT related skills and strategies seamlessly into existing curriculum – improving results on both standardized tests and in the classroom.

A-List Education recommends one full day of training for ELA and one full day of Math/Science for staff planning to teach an ACT/SAT preparation course. Training sessions will provide attendees with a solid grounding in the nature and content of the tests including an in-depth overview of the Test, discussing format, content, overall strategies and scoring assessments based on individual exams. Attendees will also have the opportunity to focus on subject specific techniques, common mistakes, and practice problems.

We hold online seminars throughout the school year, during which instructors will explore subjects in greater depth and continue their professional development beyond the initial training.

Customizable Training Components

Our professional development and materials can be adapted to align with the unique educational objectives of your school/organization. We can send multiple staff to your site to complete subject-specific training programs simultaneously.

Once your school begins a partnership with A-List, we will perform an analysis of your students’ scores to inform the training focus as well as provide teachers with pre-surveys to guarantee that time spent will provide the maximum benefits.

  • 2-4 days of ACT and/or SAT Training (6-8 hour sessions)
    Sample One-Day SAT Training Agenda
    Sample Two-DAY ACT Training Agenda
  • Comprehensive Teacher Materials including Customized Lesson Plans and Multimedia Tools
  • Supplemental training webinars are also available throughout the year to refresh content, review teaching strategies, and assess practice test results.

ACT/SAT Seminars

If you are an individual teacher, tutor, homeschooler OR from a small school or organization that can’t take on an institution-wide professional development program, we have a solution for you: attend an A-List professional development seminar. We host two-day ACT and SAT training seminars in our NYC office on numerous occasions throughout the year. Learn more about our SAT/ACT Seminars.

ACT/SAT Practice Test for Students

If you need help determining whether to select the ACT or SAT for your test prep program, A-List can provide a baseline ACT and/or SAT exam for your students. Our test scoring offer includes:

  • A-List provided student bubble sheets corresponding to the official ACT or SAT exam being administered
  • Receive student and school score reports detailing individual student and class performance on the exam
  • A-List test prep experts will go over the results and what they mean for your students and school/organization (optional)

If you are looking for guidance on running an ACT/SAT course at your school/organization, integrating ACT/SAT skills into your everyday classroom, or learning what your students’ ACT/SAT scores mean, contact us using the “Get Started” button below to schedule a FREE planning session!