ACT/SAT Integrated Curriculum

A-List’s ACT/SAT integrated curriculum professional development provides a means for educators to work ACT/SAT content and subject matter into their everyday curriculum. It covers main topics on the tests and provides best practices for incorporating A-List strategies and techniques into existing curricula. 

For this training, we tend to recommend one half day training seminar (3 hours) for Math/Science staff  and one half day training seminar (3 hours) for ELA/Humanities staff to provide teachers with the tools and resources to effectively integrate ACT/SAT test taking strategies and content into any lesson plan.

  • Training will cover all of the main topics of the ACT/SAT and include best practices for incorporating A-List strategies and techniques into existing curricula. It is useful for participants to understand the broader strategies and content of the tests, even if they are primarily teaching a single subject.
  • A-List can provide specific tools to integrate ACT/SAT strategies into any discipline. For example, science teachers can incorporate ACT/SAT formatted reading passages with a science focus (climate change, string theory, genetic engineering) into their classrooms, while social studies teachers can create data presentations and graphs to illustrate demographic and immigration trends for a class (drawing on the format of the ACT/SAT Math sections).

All high school teachers should expect their students to reach certain benchmarks in reading comprehension, writing, and quantitative problem solving—the key components of both exams.  A-List has produced a comprehensive alignment report correlating the ACT and SAT to the Common Core, and details what exactly that alignment means, what parts of the test are relevant, and where to find problems that exemplify these skills.

ACT/SAT Practice Test for Students

If you need help determining whether to select the ACT or SAT for your test prep program, A-List can provide a baseline ACT and/or SAT exam for your students. Our test scoring offer includes:

  •         A-List provided student bubble sheets corresponding to the official ACT or SAT exam being administered
  •         Receive student and school score reports detailing individual student and class performance on the exam
  •         A-List test prep experts will go over the results and what they mean for your students and school/organization (optional)

If you are looking for guidance on running an ACT/SAT course at your school/organization, integrating ACT/SAT skills into your everyday classroom, or learning what your students’ ACT/SAT scores mean, contact us using the “Get Started” button below to schedule a FREE planning session!