Essay Writing, Vocabulary, & Custom Academic Workshops

Essay Writing Workshops

In addition to teacher training, A-List also offers workshops on topics including college essay writing and vocabulary building.

Our college essay writing workshop introduces attendees to the process of writing winning personal statements and supplemental essays, ensuring students stand out as college applicants beyond their ACT/SAT test scores. Attendees will be introduced to A-List’s innovative e-learning platform, College Essay Organizer (CEO). CEO’s search tool instantly delivers your required essay questions—providing you with all of your required essay questions for each of your colleges (updated for the current application season).

Once students discover all of their questions, CEO’s Essay RoadMap reveals how questions overlap, so students can write the fewest essays possible and work most efficiently.

Vocabulary Building Workshops

We also offer vocabulary building workshops, which address how to develop vocabulary- specific lesson plans for every subject. Studies have shown time and again the immeasurable value of systematic vocabulary instruction for building reading comprehension. A 2007 Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development study notes that “on average, students who had placed at the 50th percentile in reading comprehension scored 30 percentile points higher after receiving direct vocabulary instruction” (Dunn, Bonner, & Huske, 2007). Understanding word meanings is an essential part of all reading comprehension; a good vocabulary will improve student performance on standardized tests and in high school English classrooms.

Our vocabulary workshops include our online video vocabulary platform, Vocab Videos. Vocab Videos uses hilarious short videos to illustrate the meanings of key SAT, ACT, and high school vocabulary.

Customized Academic Workshops

A-List can create a personalized or hybrid academic workshops to meet the needs of your school/organization.