Preparing for the SAT or ACT can be overwhelming for a student. Tests take a physical and mental toll the weight of their importance can create anxiety that can negatively impact the performance of young students. At A-List Education, we believe that test taking assistance should be more than just extra school. Our tutors are mindful of how our students feel about testing and work with them to create an environment that allows them to truly feel prepared.

Dealing with test anxiety can be a real issue for students taking college entrance exams tests for entrance into college.  

Test Anxiety Help

A-List mindfulness training seeks to help students overcome testing anxiety by giving them tools and strategies for dealing with it. During our mindfulness training, we address:

  •         Test anxiety
  •         Coping mechanisms to deal with anxiety before, during, and after tests
  •         Gaining confidence and resilience to deal with anxiety
  •         Test-taking tips and test preparation tips

Tutoring and Assistance

Confidence is the most important thing your student can carry into the testing room. Our tutors are experienced with students that have all kinds of learning styles and every level of test anxiety. Let us teach you how to reduce test taking anxiety.