Program Evaluation


A-List will come to your school or organization to review your test preparation or academic program. This review typically will take place over one or two days at your site. During this time, our team will observe in classrooms, meet with teachers, students and leaders, and review documents. This will all aid in developing recommendations for the programs moving forward.

Methods to collect information will be broad-based:

  • Class visits – teacher observations, lesson delivery, assessment documentation, student interactions, lesson plans, timetables, and resources
  • Teacher/Staff interviews – individual and small groups
  • Consultations with parents
  • Principal consultation – examined schedules, teacher & peer assessment approaches, staff meeting agendas, professional development initiatives, leadership approaches
  • Distribution and analysis of a survey of program participants developed with school/organization team

Data and Assessments

In addition to evaluating school/organization specific assessments for evaluating youth development and academic outcomes, we recommend identifying and tracking additional academic data points through individual school exams, report cards, and consultations with staff. This can provide a more uniform basis for comparison to measure longitudinal progress year to year, as well as highlight specific strengths and weaknesses to be addressed in the year to come. Parents, teachers and administrators will be able to utilize the analysis to inform decisions about possible supplements to the curriculum and students will be able to see particular areas in need of improvement.


The goal is to gather information in order to help your program assess the quality of teaching and learning in terms of leadership, curriculum planning and assessment, academic standards and resources, mission statement, and stakeholders to provide recommendations in these areas.

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