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Your feedback is important to us. Not only does it let us know what we’re doing right, it tells us what we can do better. Because we’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences using A-List’s products and services, we’re offering some special discounts to those of you who take the time to complete our survey form. Upon completion and review by our team, you can receive one of the following:

  •  1 Teacher Manual for $35 ($40 discount!)*
  • Free ACT/SAT Practice Test (for up to 100 students) & Data Analysis Webinar ($1125 value!)*
  • 15% off materials (does not apply to Routledge, webinars, PD, single practice tests)*

*Discounts can only be used once per person or school and only apply to A-List’s professional development materials (not direct instruction services and materials). 

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