International Schools

We have worked with international schools in China, Colombia, Kuwait, Haiti, and Bermuda.  Our international offices also work with schools throughout the Middle East and China.

Schools We've Worked With


  • Saltus Grammar School – Hamilton, Bermuda


  • Kunming Foreign Language School – Yunnan Sheng, China


  • Colegio Jorge Washington – Cartagena, Colombia


  • Union School Haiti – Port-au-Prince, Haiti


  • American United School of Kuwait – Sabah Al-Salem, Kuwait

(Along with a number of schools through our Middle East and China offices!)


American United School of Kuwait

It was excellent. I was pleased to get my school signed up on the A-List Portal.

Colegio Jorge Washington

I felt this was very comprehensive regarding the SAT. I am not an English teacher, per se, but I will incorporate all subject areas into my classroom.

Kunming Foreign Language School

Very interesting even from a general teaching point of view. I haven’t taken the ACT, and I don’t teach it, but it gave me a lot of confidence for the class I am going to teach.

Both instructors are fully engaged with enormous energy, passion, and knowledge. Thank you Scott and John. 🙂

John has amazing energy and was fun to learn from. He was very thorough and did a great job of explaining the strategies.


Evaluation Averages

  • 98.49% of attendees found the professional development to be a valuable experience.
  • 100% of attendees found their instructors knowledgeable and engaging.
  • 95.46% found training materials instructive and helpful.
  • 95.30% found that topics were covered in an organized fashion.