Northeast Schools

Over the last few years, we have conducted ACT/SAT Professional Development with over 50 schools in 7 Northeastern states. East Hartford High School, Passaic County Technical Institute, and Teachers’ Preparatory High School have invited A-List for multiple sessions. NYC DOE vendorlast year, we have worked with over 19 NYC schools. As our trainers provide ACT/SAT professional development, more and more schools are empowered to bring ACT/SAT material into their classrooms.

Schools We've Worked With


  • East Hartford High School – East Hartford, CT
  • HPHS Academy of Nursing and Health Sciences – Hartford, CT
  • Manchester Community College – Manchester, CT
  • Meriden Public Schools – Meriden, CT
  • Rise Network – New Haven, CT


  • Appoquinimink High School – Middletown, DE
  • Delcastle High School – Wilmington, DE
  • Howard High School – Wilmington, DE
  • Middletown High School – Middletown, DE
  • St. Georges Technical High School – Middletown, DE


  • Boston Public Schools – Boston, MA
  • College Connection – Amherst, MA
  • Hopedale Junior-Senior High School – Hopedale, MA
  • Scholar Athletes – Boston, MA

New Jersey

  • Bruriah High School – Elizabeth, NJ
  • Chartertech High School for the Performing Arts – Somers Point, NJ
  • Dumont High School – Dumont, NJ
  • Montclair Kimberley Academy – Montclair, NJ
  • North 13th Street Tech High School – Newark, NJ
  • Paramus High School – Paramus, NJ
  • Passaic County Technical Institute – Wayne, NJ
  • Paulo Freire Charter School – Newark, NJ

New York

  • Adirondack Central School – Boonville, NY
  • Bronx Early College Academy – Bronx, NY
  • Bronx High School for Law and Community Service – Bronx, NY
  • Institute for Health Professions at Cambria Heights – Cambria Heights, NY
  • In-Tech Academy – Bronx, NY
  • International High School for Health Sciences – Queens, NY
  • Manhattan Hunter Science High School – New York, NY
  • Medgar Evers College Preparatory School – Brooklyn, NY
  • Bronx High School for Medical Science – Bronx, NY
  • Channel View School for Research – Queens, NY
  • New Heights Youth – New York, NY
  • Newtown High School – Elmhurst, NY
  • Queens High School for Information, Research, and Technology (QIRT) – Far Rockaway, NY
  • Queens Metropolitan High School – Forest Hills, NY
  • Ralph R. McKee Career and Technical Education High School – Staten Island, NY
  • Street Squash – New York, NY
  • Teachers’ Preparatory High School – Brooklyn, NY
  • The Laboratory School for Finance and Technology – Bronx, NY
  • The Urban Assembly School for Criminal Justice – Brooklyn, NY
  • The Wheatley School – Old Westbury, NY
  • The Young Women’s Leadership School of Brooklyn – Brooklyn, NY
  • Ulster BOCES – New Paltz, NY
  • William Cullen Bryant High School – Long Island City, NY
  • Williamsburg Charter High School – Brooklyn, NY
  • YMCA NY – New York, NY


  • Blue Ridge High School – New Milford, PA
  • Children Deserve a Chance – Lancaster, PA
  • Friends’ Central School – Wynnewood, PA

Washington D.C.

  • National Collegiate Prep – Washington, DC


Adirondack Central School

Engaging, comical, made the material interesting.

Seminar was very interesting. It would be great for teachers in our school to teach these strategies to students. Useful for other tests as well.

Excellent instruction.

Blue Ridge High School

John was amazing and engaging. He is very knowledgeable and excited about A-List and helping us help our students.

Excellent instructor and excellent program. Thank you!

John has such great energy. Easy to keep focused.

Boston Public Schools

Instructor is FABULOUS. Engaging. Straight forward. Instruction honored the knowledge-base in the room. Information was valuable.

Scott was very engaging and had great insights.

Bronx High School for Law and Community Service

Scott is an excellent presenter.

This was fantastic. Thank you!

Bronx High School for Medical Science

Everything was valuable for me. I teach 6th grade so it would benefit my students greatly.

Mishi was very organized and helpful. Great job!! 🙂

It was very interesting and informative. Thank you!

Bruriah High School

Scott was an excellent instructor, detailed and helpful info, tools, tips, analogies, statistics. Thank you for the presentation and program!

Very talented, funny, engaging, and on point. He did not waste our time.

Chartertech High School for the Performing Arts

Dory was informative and entertaining. He mentioned quite a few things that I will integrate into my lessons from now on out.

Hearing the overall strategy the kids should approach the test with was invaluable & something I could not have created on my own.

I sat at work for 7 hours on a Sunday and yet I am not salty. I have no higher praise.

Every strategy will be useful to my class!

Children Deserve a Chance

Very friendly (and funny) the time went quickly.

Very engaging and knowledgeable. Use of humor helped break monotony.

Delcastle High School

Instructor was a 10/10, very informative, intelligent, and easy to listen to.

Gary was quite informative, engaging, and allowed us to ask questions, support our group work problems, etc.

Great presentation. A lot of information given in a relatable and efficient way.

Dumont High School

Gary was great and well prepared.

Gary was great! Very informative.

East Hartford High School

We’ve used A-List for several years now to build our SAT Prep program, and our students have improved about +200 points.

The instructor, Gary, was awesome and the primary reason I enjoyed this PD! He was engaging, energetic, and highly knowledgeable. Great job!

John was highly engaging, informative, and energetic! I was motivated and attentive the entire session thanks to his delivery and demeanor.

John was hilarious and I was hooked from start to finish. 🙂

Hopedale Junior-Senior High School

I found the training and the products very helpful to provide students with accessible tools and set goals.

HPHS Academy of Nursing and Health Sciences

Everything was very useful. Looking for to doing more towards adding these skills to 9th grade social studies curriculum.

In-Tech Academy

Dory was very knowledgeable and had some great anecdotal and interesting tidbits, which were very interesting. I can walk away saying I learned something today!

Learning about the ELA content that is usually on the SAT/ACT has helped me think about how I can slowly start preparing my 6th graders for tests like these.

Manchester Community College

Gary was awesome, personable & knowledgeable. Great training–I even learned some math 🙂

Gary is excellent. Having the instructor manual page numbers align with the student workbook is brilliant.

…The BEST training I’ve ever had. Thank you so much!

Manhattan Hunter Science HS

We have been using A-List since 2012 and are very happy with our results. A-List has trained our teachers how to integrate SAT/ACT skills and use A-List materials in their classrooms. Our school SAT mean this year is 1211 compared to our district mean of 962. Overall, 97% of our students meet the SAT ELA benchmark, 89% of our students meet the SAT Math benchmark, and 95% of our students are above the district mean. Because of these results, over 92% of our students can enroll at CUNY without taking remedial classes. Thank you!

Medgar Evers College Preparatory School

The workshop was informative so all aspects of the exam focused on today will benefit my students.

The instructor is very knowledgeable and shows depth of content knowledge in mathematics

Robert was very personable and approachable and was excellent with making the presented information relatable to classroom situations.

Meriden Public Schools

Gary was clever and interesting and offered many unique techniques.

Very nice and knowledgeable, but I did not like feeling like a “lecture setting” all day.

Gary is GREAT! 🙂 Thank you for all your knowledge!

Montclair Kimberley Academy

I think I have a better sense of what’s important, and what’s not so important, with respect to what is being tested.

Allen is very engaging and congenial.

Allen was great! Very knowledgeable and engaging.

National Collegiate Prep

John did a great job! He is very detailed!

New Heights Youth

This information was incredible to learn! I think our school and scholars will benefit greatly from this experience.

This PD was extremely useful in expanding my understanding of the ACT. I am very enthusiastic to teach this course and confident it will help our scholars’ scores grow.

Newtown High School

Andre is knowledgeable, helpful, and clear. Thanks!

Jake was very engaging and kept the pace.

Andre has great energy.

North 13th Street Tech High School

Great PD, I learned new teaching strategies that I can use not only to teach SAT prep, but in my classes as well.

Excellent. Intriguing, enthusiastic, knowledgeable.

Passaic County Technical Institute

My students have saved thousands of dollars in future college debt because of their success on the college entrance exams. A-List is exceptional in the way that, unlike other test prep companies, their materials have a more realistic congruence to the actual test.

John is compelling and inspiring! So helpful and knowledgeable! Please send him BACK TO US.

Paulo Freire Charter School

I thought the course was very helpful and well paced. The day went by fast and was not overwhelming.

Keep up the good work and thanks for an insightful and enjoyable seminar.

Great pacing! This was very informative, interesting, and fun!

There was a lot of information, but it was very helpful. The pacing was just right, the instructor went fast enough to not get bored, but slow enough to obtain information.

Queens Metropolitan High School

Andrew was very thorough and his presentation was very comprehensive.

Really engaging, right balance of material.

Ralph R. McKee Career and Technical Education High School

John was a terrific presenter. I learned a lot about how I would teach this–which i do not say after I leave PDs. P.S.: I was also never bored; John makes it very engaging.

Great material. Can’t wait to get started using it.

Rise Network

Dory was super engaging and knowledgeable which made this extremely helpful/meaningful.

Very informative! Thank you! 🙂

Scholar Athletes

Scott is both articulate and informative. His presentation was inspiring and dynamic. From 1 to 10, he was an 11.

I think that the way the material was presented made it easier for me to teach the material this year. Scott spent a lot of time working with us to make us feel comfortable. Thank you! I think my students will also be more engaged.

This was by far the most useful professional development session I’ve attended in my career.

Outstanding in every regard.

I really enjoyed and appreciated all of your insight, energy, and knowledge that you brought to the trainings. I learned a lot and found it extremely beneficial.

Very impressed! Scott was very engaging and enthusiastic. I feel that if I had learned the “tricks” earlier I would have done much better on my SATs. Also, his information on ESL English will help me better serve my ELA Students.

Street Squash

All of the information was useful. I am most excited to share test taking strategies [with my students].

The Wheatley School

The instructor was extremely engaging and motivating. The examples used were helpful and will aid in future scope and sequencing of other classes. Great job!

Scott was an EXCELLENT instructor. He was extremely engaging and knowledgeable. I left this PD day feeling that I am much more prepared to teach an SAT course if necessary. I appreciate his professionalism and preparedness today.

The Young Women’s Leadership School of Brooklyn

The workshop was eye-opening on the variety of strategies and techniques I can use in teaching my SAT prep course.

Ulster BOCES

All I can say is wow. Energy. Passion. Professionalism. Excellent.

Great energy, Scott! Great balance of anecdotes and information!

Materials are friendly and very well organized. John was extremely knowledgeable and an engaging presenter.

William Cullen Bryant High School

Mishi was a very knowledgeable instructor- an expert in her field.

Everything was valuable for me. I teach 6th grade so it would benefit my students greatly.

Williamsburg Charter High School

Taylor was extremely helpful, positive, and knowledgeable.

I found Taylor’s energy and genuine enthusiasm refreshing.

Our instructor was informative and energetic. Very knowledgeable.


Scott has been amazing. He was very knowledgeable, but also very fun. he made the course interactive and interesting.

Scott was EXTREMELY knowledgeable, enthusiastic, engaging and was great as fostering an open and casual training environment. Great at skimming and only hitting the most important points. Pretty mind blowing.

The training was immensely helpful and I know something I will use.

Evaluation Averages

  • 95.18% professional development attendees agreed their seminar was a valuable experience.
  • 96.24% found their seminar materials instructive and helpful.