John Oh Testimonials

John Oh was an exceptional tutor and a great fit for my son, right off the bat they hit it off. John’s energy and patience helped my son achieve the score he wanted. He never discouraged him from taking the test many times, rather gave him the confidence he needed to keep going. I currently have a son in 9th grade and will definitely use John again for him!”
-Father of Gabriel S. (SAR High School, 2019) +7 ACT points

“Our son was tutored by John Oh last school year. John was able to make the learning sessions fun and entertaining while getting the work done. He absolutely got our son motivated to work hard and perform at his best. The results speak for themselves, his test scores steadily increased throughout the process and he achieved outstanding results.”
Mother of Ian G. (Jericho, 2014) +240 SAT points

John Oh was very impressive when we met him. We believed in him and he delivered. He also helped us financially because I am a single mom who is trying desperately to help my daughter achieve her goals. I will be forever grateful for this and all his help.”
-Mother of Alexa K. (Roslyn, 2018)

“A-List exceeded our expectations. John Oh kept David engaged and motivated and was always available via phone or text if needed. Even as David continued to improve his scores John encouraged him to keep reaching because he believed in him and his success.”
Mother of David S. (Jericho, 2017) +200 SAT points

“The techniques and tricks that I learned from John Oh were unmatched. Between the tutoring sessions and practice tests on the weekends, I was prepared to succeed for the SAT. The free SAT’s offered on the weekend helped greatly and are essential to ones success on the real test.”
Owen R. (Chaminade, 2014) +430 SAT points
Brown University, Class of 2018

John Oh was the most amazing tutor. Without him and the A-List tutoring practice tests there is no way I would have been as successful as I was. John Oh always found a way to make studying fun. In addition, being able to take a practice test every week was very helpful. Without practicing weekly, I would never have been as prepared to test. Both my son and daughter used John-O at A List and their scores exceeded all expectations. His tutoring style had my children looking forward to each session with him. I have and will continue to recommend your company!!!! Now if you can just convince my kids to go to dental school I’ll be really impressed!”
Father of Paris K. (Roslyn, 2014) +8 ACT points

John Oh was amazing with Matthew. He has patience, yet his strength, strictness and organization got Matthew to the place he needed to be. We will keep John Oh posted about the college acceptances!”
Mother of Matthew R. (Roslyn, 2014) +310 SAT points

John Oh was wonderful! My son looked forward to his visits and improved his scores greatly.”
Mother of Jacob P. (Roslyn, 2014) +310 SAT points
Cornell University, Class of 2018

“After not doing so well on the March SAT, I received help from John Oh, particularly with the math section. From March to June, through John Oh’s incredible guidance, I improved 170 points on the math section of the SAT. Each time John Oh came to tutor me he not only brought with him his extraordinary intelligence, but also an enthusiasm that always motivated me to do my best and work my hardest. I was so pleased by his assistance with the SAT that I even asked him to help me with my college essays. John Oh agreed without hesitation, and from September to December he guided me through this very difficult process. From our meetings, I feel that I have learned to analyze my writing in a more sophisticated way as well as utilize the many techniques John Oh had taught me in order to improve my essays. Having John Oh as my tutor for the amount of time I did was a rewarding experience, and I am grateful to have learned from such a remarkable teacher. I highly recommend John Oh to any student who is hoping to grow as a test-taker, problem solver, and intellectual.”
Ava C. (Schreiber, 2011) +560 SAT points