A Trusted Direct Instruction Program Can Help Students and Teachers Alike

We began working with 5 students in New York in 2005 and now serve more than 80,000 students across our tutoring and institutional programs from all around the United States.

From New York City, Westchester, Long Island, New Jersey, and Connecticut, A-List works with families throughout the tri-state area providing top-quality, personalized tutoring and college advising. We continuously have the highest score improvements in the industry and unparalleled college acceptance rates.

A-List’s direct instruction programs, in which A-List teachers deliver ACT/SAT instruction in a dynamic classroom environment, help ensure students throughout the NY Tri-State area are college ready.

Our professional development programs, materials, and online resources allow us to help educators at institutions across the country (and around the world!) to integrate ACT/SAT content and strategies into classrooms.

We welcome the opportunity to partner with more schools, organizations, and nonprofits to provide both professional development and classroom instruction. If you are interested in bringing A-List to your school/organization in any capacity, please contact us.

What began as a mission to introduce a new vision of education to a handful of students in 2005 has grown to serve more than 70,000 students and educators a year through our tutoring, school and nonprofit programs.